Midnight // Let There Be Witchery // Album Review


We never seem to be too far away from a new release by Athenar, the one-man band behind Midnight and has released a number of EPs, demos, splits and full-length offerings, now is the time for the fifth album.

Having reviewed the 2020 release Rebirth by Blasphemy and thought it was rather damned goo, I was more than happy to take the opportunity to see how this second release by Midnight on Metal Blade Records would measure up.

Opening up the riff from an old school horror film, before erupting into scything guitars and a Black Metal drum that has the vocal covered in bile spewing at you, this is Speed Black Metal as I remember it from before. It also sounds equally as good.

With a pace more regularly experienced in Thrash, Midnight takes the traditional Black Metal components and laces it all with copious amounts of speed.

If you have heard any of the albums before they will know that it is not just as simple as that, as huge Black n Roll style riffs pop their heads up throw a huge slab of groove into the mix.

This unique combination of genres and influences helps Midnight to stand on his own not solely in musical style but also levels of addictiveness and all-out Blackened fun.

The album is 10 tracks that span 35 minutes and the pace is high throughout, the riffs are catchy, the drums punishing and the vocal narrating all kinds of horrors which all adds up to a bloody good album.

When you throw into the mix that Athenar writes and plays every part of this outfit, it makes things even more impressive as you would usually expect such brilliance from a band of people with them all throwing their ideas into the mix. Midnight is the personification of a one-man-band.

If you like your music quick-paced, with Black Metal, Rock N Roll, Punk and pretty much everything else in the Rock and Metal sphere, then Let There Be Witchery is exactly what you need in your life. I can guarantee that you will be toe tapping, air guitaring and hailing Satan all at the same time. The other thing that you will be doing is having a whole heap of fun and if this is your first experience of Midnight, you will grab the back catalogue. If you are an avid fan, then this will not disappoint and is a must-have addition.

Ed Ford


Let There Be Witchery will be released Friday, March 4th via Metal Blade Records.



1.. Telepathic Nightmare
2. Frothing Foulness
3. In Sinful Secrecy
4. Nocturnal Molestation
5. More Torment
6. Let There Be Sodomy
7. Devil Virgin
8. Snake Obsession
9. Villainy Wretched Villainy
10. Szex Witchery






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