(Clarkston, MI – January 10th, 2020) Michigan alternative rock trio Lochaven have unveiled their debut album.

‘Change is Upon Us’ is out now, streaming via Spotify & YouTube.

The band spoke exclusively to All Punked Up, to discuss the new record.

Lochaven Group Pic 3

Alternative rock newcomers Lochaven saw their inception in late 2017 in Clarkston, MI. Since that time, the band has staked a name for themselves as a formidable and highly acclaimed live prospect, playing their high energy and heartfelt brand of melodic rock to venues across the state.

Debut single “Now or Never” was a promising rookie release and a telltale sign of what is to come from 2020’s debut album, ‘Change is Upon Us’. Lochaven crafts a sound underpinned by catchy choruses, resonating guitar solos, and refreshingly insightful lyricism on the forthcoming concept album.

‘Change is Upon Us’ tells the tale of a group of disenfranchised misfits, who attempt to do something about the unjust society in which they’ve grown up. On the way to confront the leaders that have betrayed them, the album’s narrator finds – and then loses – love & realizes the best way to affect real change is to look in the mirror, discover one’s own sense of compassion, inner peace and understanding.

‘Change is Upon Us’ is out now, streaming via (Spotify & YouTube).

Lochaven Group Pic 1

Lochaven is:
Gabriel Toth – Vocals/Bass
Jake Fultz – Guitar
PJ Twork – Drums

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