Michael Landau // Liquid Quartet Live // Album Review
Michael Landau // Liquid Quartet Live // Album Review 9
Michael Landau // Liquid Quartet Live // Album Review 9
Michael Landau // Liquid Quartet Live // Album Review 9
Michael Landau // Liquid Quartet Live // Album Review 9
Michael Landau // Liquid Quartet Live // Album Review 9
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So the first thing you notice is that tone, god, that tone, the beautiful clean tone as Michael hits those first few notes, well Toto we’re defo not in Kansas anymore! No baby we’re at the infamous Baked Potato Jazz Club in Los Angeles in November last year with Michael Landau and his Liquid Quartet line-up. 

I will admit, Jazz scares the life outta me, always waaaay too much going on there, so I kinda hold my breath when going to review an album from a Jazz club praying for something I can relate to and comprehend, thankfully, what we have here is beautifully executed diverse collection of tracks that just solidify what has made Michael Landau one of the greats of this industry today. 

Having a career many would kill for, working with the finest in the business such as Pink Floyd, Miles Davis, Joni Mitchell, BB King, James Taylor, Ray Charles, Donna Summer, Tim McGraw, Stevie Nicks, Cher, Graham Nash, Roberta Flack, Ringo Starr, Celine Dion, Michael Bolton, Joe Cocker, Faith Hill, LeAnn Rimes, and Rod Stewart to modern iconic pop albums such as Michael Jackson (‘Bad’/‘Invincible’), Alanis Morissette (‘Jagged Little Pill’), Anastacia (‘Anastacia’/’It’s A Man’s World’) and Mariah Carey (‘Emotions’/’Music Box’), it kind of blows the mind. 

The album showcases Landau’s exceptional range as a guitar player, from his loose ethereal style to his beautifully fluid and technical prowess the musicianship is simply stunning, so much so you forget this is a live recording.  The Liquid Quartet line-up of drummer Abe Laboriel Jr (Paul McCartney), bassist Jimmy Johnson (Alan Holdsworth) and on guitar and vocals, David Frazee (Burning Water) just makes for a mesmerizing package, another-level musicianship that demands your attention and delivers in spades. Flawless production again just allows the music to speak volumes as you take in this mind-bending collection of tunes that challenge and test your concentration to the max, it almost feels like a mental workout leaving you high from chasing those fingers across the fretboard. 

Beautiful from start to finish, Landau has delivered once again and added yet another sublime recording to his collection. 


Michael Landau Liquid Quartet Live is Released: 21st August 2020 Via: The Players Club / Mascot Label Group


1. Can’t Buy My Way Home

2. Well Let’s Just See

3. Greedy Life

4. Killing Time

5. Bad Friend

6. Can’t Walk Away From It Now

7. Renegade Destruction

8. One Tear Away

9. Tunnel 88

10. Dust Bowl

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