Mia Klose - Stronger - Album Review
Mia Klose - Stronger - Album Review 10
Mia Klose - Stronger - Album Review 10
Mia Klose - Stronger - Album Review 10
Mia Klose - Stronger - Album Review 10
Mia Klose - Stronger - Album Review 10
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Mia Klose is back with her blend of Pop-Rock in a brand new album. Stronger is due for release on the 28th September and is the second album from the singer whose debut album was released back in 2012.

Stronger brings together a blend of 80s Pop music mixed with heavy hitting guitars and big beats. While many of the tracks have a very rock and roll feel there is also that feel good sound that overlays it. With tracks such as “Memory Lane” coming in with a widdly guitar intro while the chorus and bridge being a much more poppier feel it’s the perfect track to describe what Klose brings to the table. It’s no surprise there’s some more technical sounds to back up her voice when she has an all star band to back her up. Having heavy weights such as C-Rexx (bass), Jonny Nonsense (guitar), Kalle Arheden (guitar) and Henry Rogers (drums) with her it allows them to create a sound that is captivating to listen to. Other highlights from the album are “Gimmie, Gimmie” which is bound to be a live favourite with the middle breaking down that would allow a crowd to join in and a perfect choice as a first single. While “Time To Rock” is a track that anyone can get behind and dance to as it heads back to that feel good sound. Another gem is “Winning This Game” which is emotionally driven showcasing that Mia is more than just those great Pop-Rock anthems and has a softer side that is relatable to while rounding off the album perfectly.

Mia has created an album with Stronger that is fun to listen to and is a complete mood booster. From start to finish there are tracks which make you want to dance around the room and let go. Mia takes melodic rock to the next level and she is definitely Stronger than ever!

Stronger is released Sept 28th.


Emmie Ellis 



  1. Don’t Give Up
  2. Gimmie Gimmie
  3. Living For Love
  4. Living In A Fantasy
  5. Memory Lane
  6. Not the One
  7. One More Night
  8. Stronger
  9. Time To Rock
  10. Winning This Game


You can check out the video for single ‘Gimme Gimme’ here:

Album pre-order link: www.miaklose.bigcartel.com


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