Metasoma, ‘Neverhere’ 

Matasoma’s new single ‘Neverhere’ is out Friday third of July and it isn’t about Matasoma, dummy, it’s about metal. When all this current bullshit subsides and everybody ventures outside of their front door, they’ll find out something that we always knew, metal is unkillable. From the first chords of Paranoid, across the madness of Motorhead to the insanity of Babymetal, metal just won’t die. In a hundred years from now historians will be scratching their heads watching footage of Slipknot playing to packed arenas, trying to come to up with a theory for its longevity.

But there isn’t one. The spirit of metal is. Metal made the members of Metasoma make their personal pilgrimages from across the globe (Poland, America, France and Romania), to London, to form the band to worship at the alter.

Matasoma’s frontman Vlad Iancu said:
“Neverhere is a multifaceted concept that, most of all refers, to people who for one reason or another had to leave home looking for something better.”

So, don’t but this record, play it fucking loud by all means, but save your money for when once again, you can meet your friends and brothers in arms.
For those about to rock, we salute you.

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Vocals – Vlad A. Iancu
Lead Guitar – Voytek Golbiak
Rhythm Guitar – Mishiek Es
Bass Guitar – Jake Thorsen
Drums – Hugo Terv

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