Death/Groove Metal artists King of Tyrus release the lyric video for their new song Coyote Running. Off their new EP Form & Void, Coyote Running wrestles with depression and the feeling of being lost. Vocalist Josiahgoes into further detail on what inspired the song.

Coyote Running was inspired in part by my efforts to use running as a means to combat depression and regulate my emotions as well as the events in my life during the period of time within which I was writing it. Coyote was heavily influenced by my struggles with suicidal ideation, self destruction, DBT, and constitution; the song captures both our need to progress in life and what I believe is the artist’s most powerful muse: pain. This puzzle can plant a partition between dharma and art, leading to despair. Supplementing this idea are several references to Emily Dickinson’s letters to Thomas Wentworth Higginson in which she expresses how miserable and out of place she feels. Ultimately, Form & Void is a conceptual EP and its protagonist begins his journey in Coyote Running as a writer struggling to fight against himself. He is someone I think artists and appreciators alike can relate to: that we are humans toiling through our life to become more than what we are

Coyote Running is premiering on New Noise Magazine and came be seen HERE. King of Tyrus’ new EP Form & Void is out now. King of Tyrus will be playing with Whitechapel and Dying Fetus on the Minneapolis, MN stop of the Chaos & Carnage tour.

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About King of Tyrus

King of Tyrus was founded when guitarist Garrett Metcalf and met frontman Josiah Prosser in the fall of 2013 with the hopes of starting a death metal band. However, as their oeuvre proves, this band’s sound continuously grows and evolves beyond listeners’ expectations. They set themselves apart from their contemporaries by grounding their music in complex, cerebral stories. With a foundation in the conceptual, King of Tyrus maintains the powerful philosophy of “less is more” and adheres to the belief that good music is honest.
In 2014, along with lead guitarist Eddie Ostlund, King of Tyrus recorded their debut EP titled, The Harrowing. The Harrowing introduced Minnesota to their cinematic production, complex lyrics, heavy grooves, and fast tempos. Their EP is a compendium of stories interconnected through the titular theme as well as recurrent characters, themes, and devices.

In 2015, along with lead guitarist Ken Stalsberg, King of Tyrus recorded their sophomore EP, Blood for the Baptism. Blood for the Baptism built off of the same underlying philosophies that The Harrowing was built from, and went much farther with more maturity and vision. The EP introduced a unique new vocal style, groovier riffs, darker melodies, and a new tradition of interesting soundscape interludes.

In early 2018 King of Tyrus recorded their 3rd EP titled, Form & Void, along with bassist Cory Fast and drummer Marco Winkleman. Form & Void is anticipated for the summer of 2018. This album will be yet another bench mark for the band with their most mature, conceptual, and pointed songs to date. The present lineup for King of Tyrus is: Garrett Metcalf (guitar), Josiah Prosser (vocals), Cory Fast (bass), and Marco Winkelman (drums). All of their 19 songs were recorded and produced at Rock Hill Sound in Rochester Hills, Michigan, by engineer Joey Hall and producer Matt Dalton.

King of Tyrus plays shows monthly in and around the Twin Cities and is quickly earning the respect of fans and peers alike by delivering an energetic, passionate live performance. These guys will always be a commanding presence on stage and will always provide a thought-provoking meditation on life and death off of it.

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