ENTRAILS announces new album for 2019 and new line-up!

ENTRAILS will enter the studio very soon to record the 6th album that should face the World in late 2019 and by that continue to spread even more true swedish oldschool Death Metal.

ENTRAILS also announces the addition of two new band members. Both Freddy and Marcus decided to leave the band to have more time for their families. Jimmy and Penki did some tryouts to find the right guys to bring back the old ENTRAILS spirit. They succeeded and the new guys are Arvid Borg on drums, known from Carneus and Markus Svensson on guitars, some might know him from the band Nuclear Salvation.

Comments ENTRAILS: “Of course it’s not good to change members each year, but what can you do. If the guys can’t come up with the necessary time and energy we won’t force them to stay. Still we wish them all the best and are happy to welcome two new guys that will bring fresh blood to the band. The guys are learning fast and we can already deliver a full live-set. We are in good spirits that we can bring back the sound and feeling we might have lost over the last few years.”

ENTRAILS is ready to deliver the goods on stages worldwide, all offers and enquiries should be directed to the band’s new booking agent, Black Serpent Promotion at: [email protected]; phone:+49 234 54499829

23/03/19 SE – Ryd – Bandstationen
11/04/19 AT – Graz – Club Q
12/04/19 AT – Wien – Escape Room
10/05/19 DE – Bochum Rockpalast (with Lifeless and Mortals Path)
11/05/19 DE – Ahrensburg – Holsteiner Deathfest
12/10/19 SE – Stockholm – Scandinavia Deathfest

Jimmy Lundqvist – guitars
Penki Samuelsson – vocals/bass
Markus Svensson – guitars
Arvid Borg – drums


VULTURE announces brand new 7″ and releases video teaser!

VULTURE is a Heavy Metal force to be reckoned with! The German spike-and-leather quintet has just finished recording their 2nd longplayer ‘Ghastly Waves & Battered Graves’ for a June 7th release via Metal Blade Records.

To raise the anticipation towards the album the band will release a 7″ on April 5th entitled ‘Beyond The Blade’! Side A features the title track while the B-side will feature the Thin Lizzy cover ‘Killer On The Loose’, on vinyl available only on this 7″. Check out the video teaser at: youtu.be/Oq224ZqVR9Y

The 7″ is limited to 666 copies (333 x black, 222 x blue, 111 x red).

Comments VULTURE: “We’re enthusiastic to finally be able to release a first glimpse of what “Ghastly Waves & Battered Graves” is gonna be about. Dive deep into the ripping riffs of ‘Beyond The Blade’ and watch out for these gloves. Something’s coming at y’all!”

About the reasons for choosing the Thin Lizzy covertune: “Finding a fitting cover isn’t easy but this track just clicks with Vulture. You have the lyrical theme, the ripping riffs and most importantly it’s a great song by one of our favorite bands.”

VULTURE once again joined forces with close friend and producer Marco Brinkmann (Casket, Cross Vault) at Hellforge Studio in Detmold, Germany to record the new album. More details on ‘Ghastly Waves & Battered Graves’ will be released shortly. Stay tuned!

VULTURE formed in 2015 and released their debut LP ‘The Guillotine’ in the summer of 2017 and straight on the boys continued their killing streak with eight massive songs that contained even more aggression and fury than their predecessors. Having added more melody and variation to their songwriting, VULTURE clearly emphasizes that they are not in line for being yet another homage to the 80s metal scene.

VULTURE line-up:
L. Steeler – vocals
S. Genozider – guitar
M. Outlaw – guitar
A. Axetinctor – bass
G. Deceiver – drums

06/04/19 CH – Senkel – Iron Force Festival
01/06/19 DE – Oberndorf/Lech – Metalheadz Open Air
07/06/19 DE – Gelsenkirchen – Rock Hard Festival
13/07/19 DK – Fredericia -Metal Magic Festival XII
31/08/19 BG – Dryanovo – Metal Force Open Air
19/10/19 CZ – Pisek – Thrash Nightmare Festival


Metal Blade to re-issue LIK debut album ‘Mass Funeral Evocation’ on Digi-CD with bonus tracks and on vinyl!

Announces line-up change! New live dates!

Metal Blade is happy to announce the re-issue of the LIK debut album ‘Mass Funeral Evocation’ on April 5th! Originally released via War Anthem Records, both CD and vinyl have been out of print for a while so it’s about time to make them available again.

‘Mass Funeral Evocation’ will be released for the first time ever as a Digi-CD and comes with two bonus tracks. Vinyl will be released as well, please pre-order from either EMP or our ebay-store!

Available versions:
– Digi-CD with two bonustracks
– 180 g black vinyl (EU-exclusive)
– White vinyl (ltd. 500 – EU-exclusive)
– Grey-brown marbled vinyl (ltd. 200 – EU-exclusive)
– Blood splattered vinyl (ltd. 100 – EU-exclusive)
– Pale-lilac marbled vinyl (ltd. 200 – EU-exclusive)
– Green beige marbled vinyl (ltd. 100 – EMP-exclusive)
– Bronze red marbled vinyl (ltd. 200 – US-exclusive)

‘Mass Funeral Evocation’ tracklisting:
01. Serum 141
02. Le Morte Homme
03. Ghoul
04. Death Orgasmic
05. Sickening
06. Endless Oceans of Blood
07. Behold the Beheaded
08. Necromancer
09. Skin Necrosis
10. Trail of Entrails
11. Le Morte Homme (Live CD Bonustrack)
12. Skin Necrosis (Live CD Bonustrack)

In other news LIK announces the addition of Joakim “Myre” Antman to their ranks.

Photo credit: Niklas Sandin

Read the statement from the band here: “So much good stuff to announce here that I don’t even know where to start. First of all we can happily say that our debut record “Mass Funeral Evocation” will be re-released on physical media. Both vinyl and cd will be available for those who still cherish the old school way of digesting their death metal. We’re nothing short of thrilled over this, since the demand has been big the last couple years for this to happen. Another thing we’re proud to make official is the addition of Joakim “Myre” Antman to the lineup. We’re not playing shows with a session bass player anymore, but instead having a permanent one in the ensemble. Please give a warm-hearted welcome to him, as we did one drunken night in the LIK/Demonical- nightliner a few months ago!” Furthermore LIK are good to announce a few more liveshows in Germany for April. Please include these in your live sections.

11/04/19 DE – Hannover – Café Glocksee
12/04/19 DE – Dettelbach – Metal Franconia Festival
13/04/19 DE – Schwerin – Külz Haus Dr. K
14/04/19 DE – Greifswald – Juz Klex
15/04/19 DE – Berlin – Cassiopeia
18/04/19 DE – Oberhausen – Death Speed Burn Festival
20/04/19 DE – Göttingen – Freihafen
21/04/19 DE – München – Dark Easter Metal Meeting

LIK’s latest album ‘Carnage’ entered the official German album charts on position 78! Surf over to metalblade.com/lik to check out the videos for the two singles ‘Dr Duschanka’ and ‘Celebration Of The Twisted’ and order the album on vinyl or on CD.

LIK line-up:
Chris Barkensjö – drums & vocals
Tomas Åkvik – vocals & guitars
Niklas “Nille” Sandin – guitars
Joakim “Myre” Antman – bass


Metal Blade to re-issue VOMITORY classics ‘Blood Rapture’ and ‘Revelation Nausea’ on vinyl!

Metal Blade Records continues to re-issue the VOMITORY catalogue on March 15th with brand new vinyl editions of ‘Blood Rapture’ and ‘Revelation Nausea’, two of the biggest classics in the rich legacy of these Swedish Death Metallers.

Here´s the available versions:
‘Blood Rapture’
– 180 g black vinyl
– Clear-lagoon blue marbled vinyl (ltd. 300 – EU-exclusive)
– Clear tropical-green/black marbled (ltd. 200 – EU-exclusive)
– Green/red splattered vinyl (ltd. 100 – EU-exclusive)
– Clear swamp green marbled (ltd. 200 – US-exclusive)

‘Revelation Nausea’
– 180 g black vinyl
– Orange brown marbled vinyl (ltd. 300 – EU-exclusive)
– Orange red marbled (ltd. 200 – EU-exclusive)
– Red orange white melt vinyl (ltd. 100 – EU-exclusive)
– Orange brown/black marbled (ltd. 200 – US-exclusive)

14.03.2019 – SP – Barcelona @ Upload Club
15.03.2019 – SP – Madrid @ Sound Stage
16.03.2019 – SP – Burgos @ Sala Hangar
17.03.2019 – SP – Palma de Mallorca @ Factoria de So
23.03.2019 – DE – Heidelberg Deathfest @ halle02
28.03.2019 – SE – Close Up Baten Cruise
30.03.2019 – DE – Braincrusher Festival @ Jahnhalle
05.04.2019 – DK – Royal Metal Fest @ Voxhall
19.04.2019 – NO – Inferno Festival @ Rockefeller Music Hall
28.04.2019 – PT – SWR Barroselas Festival @ Avendia Sao Paulo da Cruz
04.05.2019 – NL – Netherlands Deathfest @ 013
24.05.2019 – US – Maryland Deathfest @ Rams Head Live and Baltimore Soundstage
31.05.2019 – DE – Fuck The Commerce Festival @ Alte Heimat
01.06.2019 – SE – Gamrocken, Grängesberg
23.06.2019 – FR – Hellfest, Clisson
04.07.2019 – CZ – Obscene Extreme Festival @ Battlefield Trutnov
05.07.2019 – IT – Rome @ Fuksia
19.07.2019 – SK – Gothoom Open Air @ Revistske Podzamcie
27.07.2019 – US – Californa Deathfest @ 1720 Los Angeles
10.08.2019 – DE – Party San Open Air @ Flugplatz Obermehler
17.08.2018 – BE – Metal Mean Festival @ Sur Hodemont
22.08.2018 – AT – Kaltenbach Open Air @ Kaltenbachgraben
28.09.2018 – IT – Mailand @ Slaughter Club


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