CANNIBAL CORPSE announces European summer tour!

American Death Metal legends CANNIBAL CORPSE have just announced the dates for the European summer campaign 2019!

Metal Hammer, MusiX, present:
08.06.2019 (DE) GELSENKIRCHEN / Rock Hard Festival
09.06.2019 (DE) REGENSBURG / Event Hall Airport
10.06.2019 (HU) BUDAPEST / A38
11.06.2019 (RS) NOVI SAD / Novosadski Sajam
12.06.2019 (RO) CLUJ-NAPOCA / Form
13.06.2019 (RO) BUCHAREST / Quantic
14.06.2019 (BG) SOFIA / Mix Tape 5
15.06.2019 (GR) THESSALONIKI / Principal Club Theater
16.06.2019 (GR) ATHENS / Piraeus 117 Academy
18.06.2019 (MK) SKOPJE / MKC
20.06.2019 (HR) ZAGREB / Boogaloo
21.06.2019 (AT) SALZBURG / Rockhouse
22.06.2019 (CH) AARAU / KiFF
23.06.2019 (FR) CLISSON / Hellfest
24.06.2019 (FR) LYON / Ninkasi Kao
25.06.2019 (IT) PARMA / Villa Del Fulcino
27.06.2019 (DE) LINDAU / Club Vaudeville
28.06.2019 (DE) GRAEFENHAINICHEN / Full Force
29.06.2019 (NL) DOKKUM / Dokk’em Open Air
30.06.2019 (DE) ASCHAFFENBURG / Colos-Saal
02.07.2019 (DE) BREMEN / Tivoli
03.07.2019 (DE) KIEL / Pumpe
04.07.2019 (CZ) TRUTNOV / Obscene Extreme
05.07.2019 (DE) STUTTGART / LKA Longhorn
06.07.2019 (FR) LIMOGES / CCM John Lennon
07.07.2019 (ES) BARCELONA / Rock Fest Barcelona

CANNIBAL CORPSE released their latest album, ‘Red Before Black‘, in 2017. Produced by Erik Rutan (Hate EternalGoatwhore), Red Before Black once more raises the stakes, making it very clear who sets the standard when it comes to always compelling music that is equally brutal and complex. Moreover, the band have pushed themselves again, ensuring that it stands out from their catalog. “Throughout our career we’ve tried to improve the precision of both our musical execution and our album production, while still maintaining full-on aggression. ‘Red Before Black’ continues in that direction, but might go even further on the aggressive side of things. It’s definitely precise, but it has a rawness to it that goes beyond anything we’ve done recently,” asserts bassist Alex Webster. “We really worked super hard crafting these songs, practicing them, and getting them where we wanted to be more so than on any of our previous albums,” adds drummer Paul Mazurkiewicz. “And as Alex said, musically I think it’s the most raw sound we’ve had – and at the same time I think it’s our most focused, tightest and catchiest record.

To preview and purchase ‘Red Before Black‘, please visit:

Metal Blade to release JUGGERNAUT CD-boxset

Including ‘Baptism Under Fire’ and ‘Trouble Within’ on CD with bonus tracks! Vinyl versions available!

On March 29th Metal Blade will release a special boxset featuring classic JUGGERNAUTmaterial, including their highly acclaimed albums ‘Baptism Under Fire‘ and ‘Trouble Within‘. Both albums will be released as stand alone vinyls as well as in a CD-boxset which will feature additional bonus tracks! See below for full track listing. All the demo tracks have been remastered as well and the boxset will include a 52-page book with liner notes and exclusive photos.

The release comes right in time for the band’s reunion appearance at this years Keep It True Festival, taking place April 26th and 27th in Lauda-Königshofen, Germany.

Available vinyl versions:
‘Baptism Under Fire’
• 180 g black vinyl
• Red/white marbled vinyl – ltd. 300
• Clear w/black smoke marbled vinyl – ltd. 200
• Blood splattered vinyl – ltd. 100 (KIT-exclusive)

‘Trouble Within’
• 180 g black vinyl
• Red/black marbled vinyl – ltd. 300
• Opaque grey marbled vinyl – ltd. 200
• Orange/red splattered vinyl – ltd. 100 (KIT-exclusive)

Boxset tracklisting:
DISC 1 – ‘Baptism Under Fire‘ 01. Impaler
02. Slow Death
03. Cast The First Stone
04. Rains Of Death
05. Cut Throat
06. All Hallow’s Eve
07. Burn Tonight
08. Juggernaut
09. Purgatory’s Child
10. Blizzards
11. Hang ’em High
12. Honey Bun
Bonus tracks:
13. In The Blood Of Virgins (from “Metal Massacre VII”)
14. Vengeance (EP version)
15. Impaler (EP version)
16. Slow Death (EP version)
17. All Hallow’s Eve (EP version)
18. Hang ‘Em High (EP version)
19. Burn Tonight (EP version)

DISC 1 CREDITS. Tracks 01-12 taken from the “Baptism Under Fire” LP 1986, track 13 taken from the “Metal Massacre VII” LP 1986. Tracks 01-13 recorded at Studio West, Austin, TX, March 1986. Engineered by Kerry Crafton. Produced by Juggernaut & Kerry Crafton. Tracks 14-19 taken from the previously unreleased “Iron Works” EP. All music by Scott Womack, all lyrics by James Satchell and Harlan Glenn. “Cut Throat” & “Slow Death” – music by Scott Womack, lyrics by Scott Womack and Harlan Glenn. All songs mastered by Bart Gabriel, January 2019.

Harlan Glenn – vocals
Scott Womack – bass guitar, backing vocals, guitar in 12
Eddie Katilius – guitars
Bobby Jarzombek – drums
Dave McClain – drums in track 13
Several session drummers in tracks 14-19

DISC 2 ‘Trouble Within
01. Without Warning
02. Vengeance
03. Russian Roulette
04. The Calm Before…
05. The Swarm
06. Trouble Within
07. Weeping In Fire
08. Onslaught Of The Hordes
09. The Pirate’s Blade
10. Stellae Rubeae
Bonus tracks:
11. All Thay You Give
12. From My Eyes
13. Pain
14. Wake Island (new song 2019)
15. No Prisoners (new song 2019)

DISC 2 CREDITS. Tracks 1-10 recorded at various places deep in the heart of Texas, June 1987. Engineered by Kerry Crafton. Produced by Juggernaut and Kerry Crafton. Track 11 recorded at Goodnight Audio, 1991. Track 12 and 13 recorded at The Sound Labs, Dallas, by Kerry Crafton. Tracks 12-13 engineered by Brant Sankey in San Antonio. “Trouble Within” – all music by Scott Womack, lyrics by Steve Cooper. “Vengeance” and “The Pirate’s Blade” – lyrics by Harlan Glenn and James Satchell. “Stellae Rubeae” written by Eddie Katilius. “All That You Give” – lyrics by Len Jarrell, music by Scott Womack and Denn Shoup. “From My Eyes” & “Pain” – music by Scott Womack & Denny Shoup, lyrics by Stuart Moore. “No Prisoners” and “Wake Island” – music by Scott Womack, lyrics by Harlan Glenn. All songs mastered by Bart Gabriel, January 2019.

Steve Cooper – vocals
Scott Womack – bass guitar, backing vocals, keyboards
Eddie Katilius – guitars
Bobby Jarzombek – drums

Tracks 10, 11, 12 “Juggernaut Dallas”:
Scott Womack – bass guitar
Denny Shoup – guitar
Stuart Moore – vocals in 12 and 13
Len Jarrell – vocals in 11
Phil Thomas – drums

Tracks 14-15:
Scott Womack – bass guitar
Harlan Glenn – vocals
Bob Catlin – guitar
Miguel Morales – drums

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