Metal Band Replaces Website With A Bot… And It’s Kind Of An Asshole

Helsinki, Finland’s Post Pulse are in full ‘fuck it’ mode with self-quarantine and decided to scrap their website and replace it with a bot. The bot has a bit of an attitude problem.
Post Pulse release their 2-song EP today featuring tracks, “Your Sweet Suffering” and, “Song Of The Wretched.” The songs are black metal inspired, which is fitting for the current times. The EP was mixed by Ryan Kelly and mastered by Andreas Andersson.
The songs are available for FREE download on Post Pulse’s bandcamp page, along with all the rest of their music, here:, and of course on all your favorite streaming services like Spotify.
Listen to the tracks:
As always, Post Pulse has videos for everyone to watch if they don’t feel like opening Spotify.

Your Sweet Suffering:

Song Of The Wretched:

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