Bloodstock // M2TM HEAT 1 // VOODOO BELFAST

Don’t say it, Mark, Don’t say it!!! Deja Voodoo? Oh shit…


As if it were all a bad dream and the last two years didn’t really happen? we are back at it once again, Voodoo Belfast, Friday Night and the smell of overheating valve amps, leather, Lynx deodorant and impending broken dreams fill the air. 

2022 looks like it’s gonna be a killer lineup for the competition, the bands who have stepped up to the plate represent some serious quality and as expected, year on year M2TM is going to deliver in spades once again. Tonight we kick off with a hefty mix of Rock, Metalcore & Old-School Metal.

Archives draw first blood and at 8:45 the room is as packed as I have seen it in a very long time … Archives recently dropped their debut album and it got high praise from Rock ‘N’ Load – with a stunning debut it was now time to see if the boys can translate that brutality to the live stage and keep the tight structure intact.  Not shy in the first song of the night the guitarist was on the floor mixing it up – three or four songs in there’s a mosh pit with the band members – I can’t quite remember a reaction like this to a M2TM heat band before …. These guys have sizeable support here tonight and that could make all the difference. 

Foreignwolf take the stage next – these guys have a sizeable following also and after having dropped new music towards the end of last year they are still riding the crest of that wave. A different entity from Archives altogether – you get an Alt-Rock-Metal vibe with a Proggy aftertaste and that all work really well. Gritty songwriting and polished musicianship ensure a strong set from the Belfast stalwarts. 

Blurred Reality was the unknown quantity this evening and talking to fellow attendees we all shared the same level of knowledge as the lads are from Armagh direction- what we got was bat shit crazy live display-worthy or turning heads. The guys gave it their all on stage ( and off ) with bassist/vocalist going for a walkabout – more than a few times soaking up the atmosphere of a punch drunk Voodoo Belfast. The guys clearly brought an army of support with them as the crowd around the stage eats up every beat of the drums and thrash of the guitar and bass. A chaotic high-intensity set makes its mark on M2TM for sure it will be interesting to see how this all pans out this evening.  With three bands down and only one to go Voodoo has a lot to think about. 

Like A Hawk wrap things up this evening with a set of Classic Rock & Metal, wailing guitars, highly addictive melodic earworms that have made them a firm favourite across the rock scene here in NI. They mix their set-up with hard-hitting and sultry sounding riff-laden tracks that sit in contrast to the chaos that proceeded them but stay true to what they’re all about. 

A sold-out Voodoo saw it all tonight, everything and the kitchen sink were thrown in – hopefully, it’s a sign of things to come and the strength in depth that the NI scene has to offer and maybe the best M2TM yet? Time will tell. 

A huge shout out as always to the dark lord himself James Loveday of The Distortion Project & of course Voodoo Belfast for hosting.


HEAT TWO is  Feb 1tth, be there or be square.




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