Meshiaak // Mask of All Misery // Album Review
Meshiaak // Mask of All Misery // Album Review 10
Meshiaak // Mask of All Misery // Album Review 10
Meshiaak // Mask of All Misery // Album Review 10
Meshiaak // Mask of All Misery // Album Review 10
Meshiaak // Mask of All Misery // Album Review 10
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Meshiaak burst on to the scene three years ago with their debut album Alliance of Thieves, a blistering Thrash/Heavy Metal offering belying their debut status, and now they are back with an even better one in Mask Of Misery. If you like powerful riff-driven songs then you will love this.

The opening track ‘Miasma’ is an instrumental that helps to build the anticipation of what’s to come. ‘Mask of All Misery’ starts at a blistering pace with drums and guitars trading off before a heavy riff kicks it up a notch as the vocals come in over the top of it, it is relentless. ‘Bury The Bodies’ is a real slow grinding track that has a groovy undertone, with spoken and near hushed vocals throughout, the slow burner on the album that will grow on you the more you listen. ‘City of Ghosts’ ramps it back up with a track full of chunky riffs and pounding drums with Camilleri giving it everything on the vocals.

‘Face of Stone’ literally screams out of the traps before breaking down into a fast-paced funky groove-driven track full of killer guitars and pounding drums, a contender for track of the album. ‘Tears That Burn The Son’ is a slower song but not lacking any of the intensity of previous tracks, it has an incredibly hypnotic riff running throughout that will have you banging your head and a serious solo towards the end. ‘Doves’ is the “slow” song on the album and it has radio hit all over it, a power ballad that has it all, pounding drums, thick bass line, chunky riffs and cracking vocals.

‘In The Final Hour’ is based on chugging riffs and machine-gun drums with unbelievably strong vocals that push the track over the top. ‘Adrena’ is another heavy hitter with massive drums and vocals with just a hint of Metallica’s St Anger interspersed throughout, a quality track that will have you jumping about like a lunatic. The final track on the album is the monstrously epic ‘Godless’, clocking in at a hefty seven minutes and twenty-one seconds, it leaves nothing to the imagination as it crammed full of chugging riffs, manic drum and vocals that run up and down the scale like a rollercoaster form clean to growl. Seven odd minutes may sound a lot but it is far from it and it goes by in the blink of an eye and is without a doubt the best track on the album.

As second albums go you will have to go a long way to find anything as good as this, a modern masterpiece.


Mask of All Misery is out 15th November




Meshiaak are:

Danny Camilleri                  Guitars/Vocals

Dean Wells                           Guitars/Vocals

David Godfrey                    Drums

Andrew Cameron              Bass


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