A BIG thank you has to go out to everyone who has supported Rock ‘N’ Load over the past year, without your support it just would’nt be the same. To everyone who has checked out the site, or followed us on social media – Thank You! 

To all the support we get from within the industry, the Records Labels, PR Companies and Promoters in the UK,Ireland,USA,Canada, Australia and Europe – Thank You! 

It has been a BIG year from Rock ‘N’ Load and our growth has been down to all you hard working folks behind the scenes that help us bring the news to masses. We do it because we love it, we’re passionate music fans just like you and live and breath music 24/7 – 365 days a year. 

Finally a huge thank you to all the hard working, grafting and incredibly talented musicians we have had the peasure to represent this year, from the small unknown bands to the multi million selling artists we have had the pleasure of meeting, interviewing,  reviewing and photographing. We salute you all. 

Here’s to an even bigger 2019. 

Much love and respect – Team Rock ‘N’ Load. 


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