Merry Christmas From All At Rock ‘N’ Load

Yes, it is indeed that time of year once again, the PR companies close their doors and we finally get a few hours to breathe before the chaos kicks in all over again in January.

What a crazy year it has been, Tay Tay dropped two albums! who knew she had it in her?

Anyway, I would obviously like to let you know that for anyone out there who has had a tough time in 2020 you are in our thoughts, we have all faced challenges this year for sure and 2021 will no doubt provide further challenges to keep us on our toes. We are all here (On Rock ‘N’ Load) as a collective due to our love of music and whilst the live industry was brought to its knees, the music still flowed from our favourite artists and they as we did, had to diversify – it brought us a different flavour and possibly an alternative take on who they are. Live streaming became the norm, our heroes started doing podcasts and online interviews with their musical heroes and so on and so on. Random became the new norm and the new norm definitely isn’t normal.

Here is to brighter days ahead, to all the PR companies and record labels who support us throughout the year a big THANK YOU, to the bands who create, a huge THANK YOU and to all who have taken the time to visit the site this year THANK YOU! We love what we do.


Stay safe and stay classy.



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