Melted Bodies // Enjoy Yourself With Friends // Album Review


2020 saw the debut release from Melted Bodies titled Enjoy Yourself now the four piece from Los Angeles are back with a remix album that makes already mind bending music even more fucked up so please be ready for some utter chaos.

The original album gained rave reviews for its genre destroying display and now the band have recruited some very special guests for the 13-track full length, titled Enjoy Yourself With Friends which features reimagined versions of the songs by artists like Xiu Xiu, Machine Girl, Diamondstein, Nick Reinhart (Tera Melos) amongst others.

I suppose the main concern in making remixes of something already stunningly brutal yet incredibly unusual is what direction do you take the remix.

As soon as the opening track hits which is a Maral remix of ‘Eat Cops’ you get hints of Aphex Twin in the sounds of the electronics and synths. 

As the album progresses the samples and beats continue to twist and turn whilst creating an incredible amount of atmosphere. There is nowhere that the people remixing these tracks are afraid to go and in every single way, this is the Melted Bodies way.

The songs take on their very own new version of themselves and it feels like you are experienced a really fucked up acid trip at times and you can’t help but be drawn into this hypnotic world of sheer madness.

The remix’s range in duration from 2 minutes to 22 minutes so it may come as no surprise that the 13 track album spans a total of over 90 minutes. The way that each of the tracks takes you down a different rabbit hole is as crazy as it is clever and there is nothing better than sitting yourself down and allowing yourself to be engrossed by the music.

Whether it be the Drum ‘n Bass, Electronic or any other from a myriad of influences that the inspiration has been drawn from for the reimagined tracks, you cannot help but be impressed. Yes it is unusual but isn’t that the Melted Bodies way. The album stands up as more than ‘just’ a collection of remixes, it stands as an album in its own right.

I’d urge you to let go of what you think you want to hear and press play to Enjoy Yourself With Friends.

Ed Ford


Enjoy Yourself With Friends will be released Friday 6th August 2021 via Plastic Smiles

Track list

1. Eat Cops (Maral remix)

2. 99 Scents (Xiu Xiu’s 99 Melted Shoes remix)

3. Ad People (One Child Policy remix)

4. Funny Commercials (deathscott remix)

5. The Five Week Migraine

6. Club Anxious (Machine Girl remix)

7. Club Anxious (deathscott remix)

8. Phone Tumor (Shigeto remix)

9. The Rat (Nick Reinhart’s Acid Fab remix)

10. The Abbot Kinney Pedophiles (Diamondstein’s Pure Violence remix)

11. Helplessness (Fire-Toolz remix)

12. Meat Cleanse (deathscott Weird Cleanse remix)

13. Meat Cleanse (NMESH’s Wurst Remix Ever)



Melted Bodies // Enjoy Yourself With Friends // Album Review
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