Melodic post-hardcore band So Much Hope, Buried. share new single and video “Rose Eyes”

Melodic post-hardcore band So Much Hope, Buried.
new single and video “Rose Eyes”

Announce debut EP, Sentiment, out March 11th

“Rose Eyes”

PRE-ORDER: Sentiment EP

Blooming out of Northeastern Pennsylvania, So Much Hope, Buried. have announced their debut EP, Sentiment, set for release on March 11th. A gorgeous blend of melodic post-hardcore, the band combines insightful and powerful lyrics with operatic level sounds throughout the seven song EP. Premiering on New Noise Magazine, lead single “Rose Eyes” weaves through emotional dual vocals backed by prominent piano and pounding drums. The song follows the story of a person’s mental health issues affecting one’s ability to fully be themselves and the video for the track graciously connects with the vulnerability found in the lyrics.

Speaking more on the lyrical content of the track, lead vocalist Bart James states:

“‘Rose Eyes’ addresses mental health through a fictionalized story about depression and pain, watching a person strip away any semblance of who they were made to be. It highlights the desperation of knowing they would give anything to be free of the pain they experience on a daily basis, before learning to value themselves and not allowing their struggles to define their life.”

Coming to fruition during the downtime of the pandemic, So Much Hope, Buried. – Bart James (vocals), Derek Nowak (piano/vocals), Andrew Blank (guitar), Nick Cotillo (bass), and Eric Novroski (drums), joined together almost seamlessly. On their forthcoming debut EP, Sentiment, the band bursts with emotion in both their lyrics and sounds. Touching on faith, mental health, finding purpose, and love, the seven songs on the record are as personal to the band as they are up for interpretation by the listener. “Don’t Sink” has a lush build-up before breaking into a full-on guitar frenzy, while “Slave” brings classic post-hardcore chaos into a track about people tending to conform to society’s structures and teachings on how we have to live. Sentiment ends with closer “Keepsake”, playing out as a monologue on love that is honest, wholehearted and without reservation.

Sentiment Tracklist:
1. Heal
2. Don’t Sink
3. Desert Child
4. Slave
4. Rose Eyes
6. Neglect
7. Keepsake
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