Melodic post-hardcore band So Much Hope, Buried. release debut EP, Sentiment

Melodic post-hardcore band So Much Hope, Buried.
release debut EP, Sentiment

Photo Credit: Sarah Novroski

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WATCH: “Slave” (Music Video)

“If you like when the aggressive meets the beautiful, this band is for you.” – BrooklynVegan

“22 minutes of pure musical emotional roller coaster…content-heavy and powerful lyrics accompany the refined and always varied and emotional sound.” – Away From Life

Today, Wilkes Barre, PA-based band So Much Hope, Buried. have released their debut EP, Sentiment. On the album, the band bursts through a gorgeous blend of melodic post-hardcore, combining insightful and powerful lyrics with operatic level sounds. Touching on faith, mental health, finding purpose, and love, the seven songs on the record are as personal to the band as they are up for interpretation by the listener. “Don’t Sink” has a lush build-up before breaking into a full-on guitar frenzy, while “Slave” brings classic post-hardcore chaos into a track about people tending to conform to society’s structures and teachings on how we have to live. Lead single “Rose Eyes” weaves through emotional dual vocals backed by prominent piano and pounding drums. Sentiment ends with closer “Keepsake”, playing out as a monologue on love that is honest, wholehearted and without reservation. Sentiment is available to stream now on Bandcamp and Spotify.

Speaking on the themes of the album, Derek Nowak (piano/vocals) stated:

“The stylization for the album artwork and imagery really works with the sound, lyrics and atmosphere that we created within this record. Desaturated colors, grainy and gloomy landscape photography really sets the overall tone of each and every song. The message we want to portray is definitely to inspire one another. The lyrics that Bart wrote can really relate to so many people struggling in life. The one thing we all want to achieve is to inspire at least one person out there.”

So Much Hope, Buried. is Bart James (vocals), Derek Nowak (piano/vocals), Andrew Blank (guitar), Nick Cotillo (bass), and Eric Novroski (drums).

Sentiment Tracklist:
1. Heal
2. Don’t Sink
3. Desert Child
4. Slave
4. Rose Eyes
6. Neglect
7. Keepsake
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