Meg & Dia have released a deluxe version of their critic and fan acclaimed album ‘happysad’, which includes a brand-new song and stripped down versions of fan favorites from the album. It was originally surprise released on July 26, 2019 through Pure Noise Records. The deluxe album is now available to be purchased or streamed through Spotify or Apple Music. Visit

Meg Frampton spoke a bit more into why Meg & Dia wanted to share stripped down versions of the songs:

“With all of the advances in technology, when it comes to music production, it’s easy to get carried away with sounds, and beats. While enjoying being inspired by other artists’ modern electronic production, for me, it’s important to remember that underneath the impressive production lives a simple song with a simple chord progression and melody. It is the combination of both of those things that we humans most connect to. Beauty often is found in simplicity, and sometimes it’s important to remember to return to that. This collection of stripped down songs helped me remember.”

Stream or purchase the deluxe version of ‘happysad’

Track Listing
1. American Spirit
2. Teenagers
3. Koala
4. Lit Match
5. Better At Being Young
6. Warm Blood
7. Boys Can Cry
8. Distraction
9. Happy
10. Dear Heart
11. American Spirit (stripped down)
12. Teenagers (stripped down)
13. Yours
14. Koala (stripped down)

Fans can watch the official music videos for “American Spirit” and “Teenagers”. Last month, they also released a special Christmas album called ‘December, Darling’.

‘happysad’ is an album that neither of them thought they’d ever make, but after going their separate ways and finding what makes them each unique, Meg and Dia have come together again to make the most refined and collaborative record of their career. It finds their friendship rekindled, their creative spark reignited and their musical horizons expanded.

While in the past, Meg and Dia would take turns to write individual songs on albums, their efforts on ‘happysad’ were much more collaborative. It means these 10 songs are a blend of Meg and Dia’s two distinct yet compatible personalities – songs which show how in tune they are with each other but also how different they both are. At its core, however, is a fragility and vulnerability shared by both of them, but which they hope can help others who may feel similar.

Meg & Dia are currently on tour supporting Amber Liu in the US. A full list of tour dates can be found below. Tickets are on sale now at:

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