Meg & Dia // "December, Darling" // Album Review
Meg & Dia // "December, Darling" // Album Review 9
Meg & Dia // "December, Darling" // Album Review 9
Meg & Dia // "December, Darling" // Album Review 9
Meg & Dia // "December, Darling" // Album Review 9
Meg & Dia // "December, Darling" // Album Review 9
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If you’re looking for a little Christmas cheer in your music this year but aren’t prepared for the usual Bublé songs then ​Meg & Dia​ have you covered. The rocking twosome has decided to release a Christmas album which takes us through their take on some classics but also some original tracks too. So it’s time to fire up that log fire, grab a mulled wine and enjoy some festive cheer!

The girls take on the classics such as “Let It Snow”, “Winter Wonderland” and “White Christmas” and while remaining true to the original tracks manage to put their own little spin on them bringing a good amount of festiveness. The stand out track though is the original “December, Darling”. With a beautiful melody and softness, the two girls manage to completely capture the joys of Christmas with the lyrics. With images of sparkling lights, log fires and snow, it’s the perfect Christmas picture painted against the piano-driven melody. “Lights Blown Out” is much more of a love story set against the background of the Christmas season. The melody is more haunting on this track and conveys a great sense of emotion. It makes the perfect breakup song for this time of year. While “Christmas Tree” is filled with a wonder that is reminiscent of that from our childhoods and the magic that Christmas trees bring. The joys of unboxing all the decorations and the memories they bring of quality time spent with family.

Christmas is supposed to be a time of year where families come together and there is a sense of joy and magic in the air. Meg & Dia manage to capture that perfectly within this album while giving you an alternative to the usual music and carols usually heard wherever you go. One thing is for certain, the festive spirit has now arrived and I’m ready to start wrapping all my gifts with a little more joy in my step!

This year Dia and I wanted to make an album with our own take on some Christmas classics as well as a few originals. I hope that as people are spending time with their friends and family this holiday season, our music playing along in the background will add just a hint of holiday magic.” – Meg Frampton





‘December, Darling’ Track Listing

1. Let it Snow

2. December, Darling

3. Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas

4. Winter Wonderland

5. Christmas All The Time

6. Lights Blown Out

7. It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

8. White Christmas

9. The Christmas Song

10. Christmas Tree

Fans can also stream and purchase their recent album ‘happysad’. The album was met with fan and critical acclaim and was the band’s first new music since 2011’s ‘Cocoon’. ‘happysad’ is an album that neither of them thought they’d ever make, but after going their separate ways and finding what makes them each unique, Meg and Dia have come together again to make the most refined and collaborative record of their career. It finds their friendship rekindled, their creative spark reignited and their musical horizons expanded.

Stream or purchase ‘happysad’

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