Meet Veteran Music Industry Exec Loren Israel

Meet Veteran Music Industry Exec Loren Israel (Jimmy Eat World, Plain White T’s, Neon Trees, Less The Jake, The Unlikely Candidates, etc) Offering Consulting Services (Songwriting, Marketing, Mixing, Production)

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“(Loren Israel) is de-mystifying the industry and launching his own consulting service to share the same DIY approaches he used to build those once indie bands up into successful acts.”- American Songwriter

“…no one is better placed than Israel to help you on your path to a career in the business side of music.”- Blunt Magazine

“Loren offers great advice on the importance of musicians having discipline and a “prolific” approach to content creation. “- *Break The Business Podcast*

“Israel believes that the creation of great music is both a craft and a “very fun war,” in that an approach to songwriting should be about making choices. He has since launched a consulting business, that offers marketing, mixing and production services, where he works with artists to create music people want to hear through songwriting analyzation and exercises.”- The Music Bugle

“Big names like Jimmy Eat World, Neon Trees and Plain White T’s, to name a few, all owe their rise to stardom, at least in part to the development and mentorship of Loren Israel.”- All Access


Music industry veteran Loren Israel is well-known in industry circles as a record producer, A&R executive/consultant, and songwriting teacher. Over the years his instincts for finding and developing new talent has helped introduce bands like Jimmy Eat World, Plain White T’s, Neon Trees, and most recently, The Unlikely Candidates to the world.

For over fifteen years, Loren worked in the Artist and Repertoire department of Capitol Records where he worked with Coldplay, Less Than Jake and Jimmy Eat World, whose multi-platinum Dreamworks album, Bleed Americanhe helped spearhead.

In 2001, Loren began working with unsigned artists in an effort to foster emerging talent and help them navigate and access the enigmatic music industry. In this capacity, he discovered, developed, and managed the Plain White T’s and executive produced “Hey There Delilah”, which topped music charts in fourteen countries. With his expert guidance, Loren also developed Neon Trees, whose debut singles “Animal” and “Everybody Talks” were triple-platinum number one hits.

Loren believes that making great music is both a craft and a war. A very fun war! He believes that hit songwriting is about making choices. Through his technique, Loren directs his clients to make the necessary choices to fully develop their artistry. Many of Loren’s clients who have adopted Loren’s unique approach to music have gone on to achieve success.


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About Loren Israel:

Bands like Jimmy Eat World, Plain White T’s, Neon Trees, and The Unlikely Candidates began their careers under the development of Loren Israel. In fact, his ear for talent has helped secure record deals for nearly two dozen bands.

Loren started playing music at an early age. An LA native, Loren was in bands from the age of 15 through his mid 20’s. Loren wrote songs, played guitar and had the privilege to open for acts like Bad Religion and Soul Asylum. Having lived the musician’s life for a decade here in LA, he eventually made the difficult decision to step away from music and go to college.

But Loren couldn’t stay away from music for long. While in college, Loren began organizing shows and producing records for other artists. He also became a mentor to many artists and bands who wanted to achieve the success that his band had achieved. Eventually, this led to a gig with Capitol Records, but Loren continued to produce records and develop artists on his own outside the label. Loren’s knack for spotting and developing talent led to a full-time position as an A&R Executive with Capitol Records.

Throughout his years at Capitol, he honed his skills in finding talent and developing the unique voices in bands. He was instrumental in securing talented bands like Less Than Jake and Jimmy Eat World to the label. But he soon decided that life as a music executive was too passive. He wanted to actively develop bands and produce records independently. So in 2001, he started his own company which develops independent artists at the grassroots level.

Since 2001, Loren’s artists such as Plain White T’s, Neon Trees, and The Unlikely Candidates have achieved Billboard #1 hit songs. Overall, Loren’s nearly 200 clients have grossed over $60 million through record deals, touring, and promotional materials.

In addition to developing bands to Platinum status, Loren has also been credited with helping discover and mentor former musicians-turned-producers like Tim Pagnotta, Ian Kirkpatrick, and Ariel Rechtshaid. Producers who have gone on to work with many of today’s most successful artists.

Loren’s penchant for discovering talent is not his greatest asset. Rather, it’s his approach to writing music. He believes that the skill of songwriting can be taught to anyone. More than that, he believes the skill in writing a hit song can be taught to anyone.

He teaches his artists that writing hit songs is really a series of choices that rely on certain principles. Once they understand the foundation, he works with them to make the necessary choices that lead to better songs, and eventually to hit songs. Loren also produces, mixes and markets songs. The current digital landscape is a great boon for all artists. The right marketing plan simply requires a level-headed approach, willingness to take chances, and a realistic evaluation of expectations.

Loren’s latest success comes from the Unlikely Candidates, who in February 2020 achieved an Alternative Billboard # 1 hit song – “Novacaine”. Prior to “Novacaine”, The Unlikely Candidates achieved a Top 40 spot on the Billboard Charts with their song, “Your Love Could Start A War”. The only band to have accomplished that without a record contract.

Loren resides in West Hollywood with his wife, Chelsea, and 4-year-old son, Quinton

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