Meet The Prettybads; Debut Album out June 15

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Houston poppy “soft-core” punk trio The Prettybads will release their debut 20-song full-length titled “Meet The Prettybads,” on June 15th through Indie Vision Music.


“Meet the Prettybads” is a mixture of our history, trials, faith and imagination which we put into lighthearted but substantive poetry. It is a testament of our loyalty to the punk rock “soundtrack” we discovered as kids and have embraced wholeheartedly ever since. We self-recorded these 20 tracks as a unified set in order to catalog the journey up to this point.”
The Prettybads

Catch The Prettybads live at Audiofeed Festival July 5th. More info here:


The Prettybads is a Houston, Texas punk band centered around founding members and co-writers Jordan Prettybad and Kayla Prettybad. Mr. & Mrs. Prettybad have been writing songs together since 2007. In December 2016 Ben Bravo joined the band as a key member, adding extensity to the sound.

The songs are short & fast ranging from poppy doo-wop, Ramonescore to melodramatic teen tragedy, beastly , other-worldy sci-fi, retro, hard-core, American punk rock.

The band is Inspired by poppy-punk artists such as Riverdales, Huntingtons , Ramones, MxPx, & Groovie Ghoulies and also influenced by horror-punk artists such as Blaster the Rocketman, The Deadlines & Murder City Devils.

Indie Vision Music

meet the pretty bads


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