Jack The Envious Release Punk Cover of Meat Loaf’s “Bat Out of Hell


UK emo/punk band Jack The Envious will be releasing their new EP Bleeding Honesty on November 2nd and today they have released a surprise bonus track, their take on Meat Loaf‘s 1977 iconic single “Bat Out of Hell.” The reimagined version marries the giant theatrical musical aspects with a My Chemical Romance flair.

The most challenging thing about this cover was understanding how to reconstruct the original song,” says vocalist Nir Perlman. “The original is 9:50 minutes which is obviously a bit excessive, so we picked the parts we felt were key to the cover and gave them the JTE treatment.

bat out of hell

Jack The Envious’ founding members Nir Perlman and Guy “Chuck” Checkarov met while serving in the Israeli army and bonded over their love for early 2000’s emo and Linkin Park (because what’s one without the other?). After the release of their debut record Pull You Down, the band packed up and made the move to London to pursue music full-time.

The band began touring extensively in the UK, releasing the In Your Own Way EP which featured their unique take on the songs “Wonderwall” and “Feel Good Inc.”

Jack The Envious has always been fiercely DIY and their new record Bleeding Honesty is no exception. Produced by the band themselves, the title reflects their desire to release their most intimate and lyrically honest music to date.

Bleeding Honesty will be released on November 2nd.

Listen to “Bat Out of Hell” now on Spotify.


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