Maziac - Forged - Album Review
Maziac - Forged - Album Review8
Maziac - Forged - Album Review8
Maziac - Forged - Album Review8
Maziac - Forged - Album Review8
Maziac - Forged - Album Review8
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Formed in 2017 and still residing in London, England the 3 piece band all hail from different corners of the globe, with Tony Best (Guitar and Vocals) being half English, half Salvadorean and growing up in Holland, Marc Vachon (Drums) from Montreal, Canada and Tim Stokes (Bass and Backing Vocals) from Bedfordshire, England. Bringing their own influences from around this globe and throwing them all into the melting pot to create Maziac and here they are with their debut album.

The first thing that smashes you square between the eyes is an industrial djent sound that is as blunt and forceful as they come. Opening track ‘Symptomatic’ displays the sound to expect in its most aggressive form as the bass is hammered, the drums are pummelled, the guitar displays twangs of prog and the vocal flits between an aggressive shout and a clean sometimes spoken word approach.

By the end of the opener, you are well aware that you need to strap yourself in for this whirlwind of an album that blends and contorts what you think you know about Metal genres.

‘Escapism’ continues the deep riffs as the clean vocal sours above the constantly changing and string bending guitars whilst the drums pack a serious punch throughout. This, however, is certainly one that you can happily sing along with whilst hammering your hands the steering wheel trying to pre-empt the unpredictable beats.

The album continues in this fine form throughout the 8 tracks that span some 37 minutes as the trio explore nearly every corner of Modern Metal in their quest to bring us something unique. ‘Cortisol’ is definitely catchy and ‘Vicissitudes’ is a musical interlude before the onslaught continues in a full force Djent/Prog attack.

This is certainly a very solid and impressive debut album for the band and is certain to turn a lot of heads. It will appeal to anyone who likes Technical, Prog, Djent, Industrial or anything in between as they combine all the genres and the album gets better with each spin.

The world needs to watch out for these boys as they plot their course to domination, bending a few minds as they make their way.

Ed Ford


Forged is released July 5th2019   

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