MAZIAC step up with the release of their stunning track, Escapism – , taken from their explosive forthcoming new
album, Forged, which lands on Friday 5th July.

With an empowering and emotional sound that bonds aggression with
melancholy, MAZIAC take no prisoners. Rendering influence from alternative
rock, modern prog and metal, the power trio have deftly  amalgamated their
influences to craft a sound that is unique and utterly captivating.

Formed in 2017 and residing in the nation’s capital, MAZIAC are comprised of
Tony Best (Guitar/Vocals), Tim Stokes (Bass/Backing Vocals/Synths) and Marc
Vachon (Drums). The band’s heritage is varied, much like their sound; Tony
is half English/half Salvadorean and grew up in The Netherlands. Marc is
from Montreal, Canada, and the only British native, Tim, is from
Bedfordshire. Although MAZIAC are a relatively new unit, members from the
band have previously been featured in RockSound, Moshville Times, Ultimate
Guitar and on Kerrang! TV.

In May 2018, the band set loose their self-released debut EP, Parallel,
which was mixed and mastered by Justin Hill (SikTh). The record picked up
strong praise and was widely lauded by the likes of The Circle Pit, GBHBL,
and Misfit City, to name just a few. MAZIAC were also favourably reviewed
live by both Metal Hammer and Powerplay, just shortly after releasing the

Recently, the band have been chalking up shows with the likes of The Ever
Living, Epsilon, Derange, On Hollow Ground and Winchester, as well as
heading back into the Studio with Justin Hill to put down tracks for their
blistering debut album Forged. The album arrives this Summer and fronts
stout guitar riffage, immense drum-work and engulfing vocals.  The release
showcases the band’s impressively eclectic sound whilst highlighting their
melodic edge, as well as their abrasive tech metal bite and keen use of
atmospherics. Start to finish, this is a towering album that is sure to make
a strong and hefty impact.   

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