Mayhem // Daemon // Album Review
Mayhem // Daemon // Album Review8
Mayhem // Daemon // Album Review8
Mayhem // Daemon // Album Review8
Mayhem // Daemon // Album Review8
Mayhem // Daemon // Album Review8
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Prepare yourself, Mayhem are back! The band that is no strangers to the controversy have returned with their sixth full-length release and the follow up to 2014 Esoteric Warfare.

Originally founded in 1984 in Langhus, Norway, Mayhem released their first demo in 1986 Pure Fucking Armageddon was unleashed on the world and if the album title didn’t give people the idea of the kind of music they may be about to listen to, rather than sides A and B, this demo had “Fuck” and “Off” however in 1987 Deathcrush really alerted the world to the horrific sounds and content that the band were spreading.

Having lost members through murder and suicide, Mayhem is certainly not a stable situation and they still class their relationship as “antagonistic and quarrelsome” however if this if the state that they have needed to create their classic masterpieces, then I’m happy to listen to the results.

Opening with ‘The Dying False King’, Daemon gets off to a despicably Black start, with a constant guitar tone and swift drum being powered by the pedals and the sadistic vocal of Attila, Mayhem certainly leaves you in no doubt that the Blackness is still there in full force.

The gloriously dark and twisted sounds continue as the Black shroud descends further into your mind with tracks like ‘Malum’ that the start is slowed down a little more, bringing the feeling of something sinister and purposeful before entering a mid-paced sermon style and then we enter the regular speed as the drums infiltrate your mind and take over. The riff takes us away from the pure Black sound that some might expect to flow throughout, but that’s just not Mayhem!

‘Worthless Abominations Destroyed’ is a flat-out monster of a track, that will bury deep into the nervous system and attack your very resilience as the guitars and drums seem to attack each sense with speed and ferocity as the vocal leads the commands of Mayhem, it is truly wonderful.

At a time where there seems to be many a Black Metal band doing well, and many new bands coming to the fore, the veterans and original band are showing that they are by no means going to get left behind. In fact, they are leading the way with changing things up slightly, whilst still maintaining the Black Metal roots and the Satanic ways certainly remain, they have freshened things up by simplifying the sound allowing the truly disturbing nature to take center stage.

Daemon is a brilliant and disturbing record that is bound to be taken in and adored y the millions of Mayhem fans, whilst also providing the perfect platform for new fans to join the horde.


Ed Ford


Daemon is released on October 25th via Century Media.


 Track List

01. The Dying False King (03:45)

02. Agenda Ignis (04:34)

03. Bad Blood (04:58)

04. Malum (05:05)

05. Falsified And Hated (05:48)

06. Aeon Daemonium (06:03)

07. Worthless Abominations Destroyed (03:48)

08. Daemon Spawn (06:02)

09. Of Worms And Ruins (03:48)

10. Invoke The Oath (05:33)

11. Everlasting Dying Flame (Bonus Track)* (05:52)

12. Black Glass Communion (Bonus Track)* (04:25)

13. Evil Dead (Death Cover, Bonus Track)** (02:59)

14. The Truth (Death Strike Cover, Bonus Track)** (03:03)

15. Disgusting Semla (Morbid Cover, Bonus Track)** (03:06)


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