MAX FOSH: Waterfront Hall, Belfast: Thursday 26 September



Comedian, presenter and internet sensation Max Fosh is excited to announce his first ever international tour for 2024 and 2025 with his brand-new show Loophole. Max will be taking the stage in the UK, Europe, America and Australia on his largest tour to date.

Waterfront Hall, Belfast: 26th September 2024


Tickets on sale now: and

Following a smash hit debut tour in 2021 and selling out both his Edinburgh Fringe run as well as shows at the prestigious London Palladium in 2022, Max is back. With over 4 million followers across social media and over 1 billion views across YouTube, Max’s videos are all about finding life’s loopholes and exploiting them. How else do you think he became the richest man in the world or technically won an Oscar? This show is not to be missed.

Max Fosh said: “I was told to write something to market my new show Loophole, but to be honest, I don’t think you’re going to decide whether to buy a ticket or not based on this half-arsed collection of words. So, really, all I need to do is reach the required 100 words. That’s 50 so far. Nearly there. Ooooh, what about my favourite fact: did you know that when you swallow a spider, it can taste your dreams? Really? No, of course not. But it used up some words. 10 more left.  Loophole. Loophole. Loophole. Loophole. Loophole. Loophole. Come to the show.”


“In all seriousness, Loophole is my 2nd show that I’ve toured. Back in 2021, I only went around the UK and so the opportunity to go global with this is incredible. I’ve got viewers from all over the world so the opportunity to put together a show that I can take to 12-odd countries is a very special part of the job. I’m also incredibly proud of the show and people can expect a perfect encapsulation of my YouTube channel on stage. As well as a loophole that I think no one has ever found. Come on down.”


Max Fosh is an English YouTuber and stand-up comedian who boasts almost 4 million YouTube subscribers and over 400 million views on his content across social media. Max became well known for his digital series – ‘StreetSmart’, where his funny, approachable and fast-paced interview content led to a dedicated and positive community of engaged subscribers. His channel has since rebranded and branched out towards other series and content. He has had multiple viral videos due to his unique ideas. From being followed by a private investigator for a month, to serving roadkill to Michelin starred chefs, Max has some of the most inventive content on YouTube. As a presenter, Max has collaborated with many well-known brands including Toyota, Chelsea FC, Adobe, Marvel, Oreo, Hugo Boss and Virgin Media. Most recently, Max has curated a blend of multimedia video and audio with his affable and hilarious stand-up comedy in his show Max Fosh – Zocial Butterfly; with multiple sell-out shows across the Edinburgh Fringe and London including sell out shows at The London Palladium.












19.09.2024                                      CAMBRIDGE                      CORN EXCHANGE

20.09.2024                                     OXFORD                             NEW THEATRE

22.09.2024                                     BRISTOL                              HIPPODROME

23.09.2024                                     READING                            HEXAGON

24.09.2024                                     BATH                                   FORUM

26.04.2024                                     BELFAST                             WATERFRONT

27.04.2024                                     DUBLIN                               3OLYMPIA

29.04.2024                                     BIRMINGHAM                   ALEXANDRA

30.09.2024                                     CARDIFF                              NEW THEATRE


01.10.2024                                      EXETER                              GREAT HALL

03.10.2024                                      NEWCASTLE                     TYNE THEATRE

05.10.2024                                      BRADFORD                       ST GEORGE’S HALL

06.10.2024                                      NOTTINGHAM                 THEATRE ROYAL

07.10.2024                                      SOUTHAMPTON              O2 GUILDHALL

08.10.2024                                      BRIGHTON                        THEATRE ROYAL

10.10.2024                                      GLASGOW                        PAVILION

11.10.2024                                      LIVERPOOL                       THE AUDITORIUM AT M&S BANK ARENA

12.10.2024                                      SHEFFIELD                        OCTAGON

13.10.2024                                      MANCHESTER                  AVIVA STUDIOS

15.10.2024                                     BOURNEMOUTH             PAVILION

16.10.2024                                      GUILDFORD                      G-LIVE

17.10.2024                                      IPSWICH                           CORN EXCHANGE

28.10.2024                                      LONDON                           EVENTIM APOLLO

31.10.2024                                      PHOENIX, AZ                    ORPHEUM THEATRE


01.11.2024                                      SAN DIEGO, SD                BALBOA THEATRE

02.11.2024                                      VENTURA, CA                   VENTURA MUSIC HALL

03.11.2024                                      LOS ANGELES, CA            THE FONDA

04.11.2024                                      SAN FRANCISCO, CA       PALACE OF FINE ARTS

05.11.2024                                      VANCOUVER, BC             THE VOGUE

06.11.2024                                      PORTLAND, OR                ALADDIN THEATER

07.11.2024                                      SEATTLE, WA                    THE NEPTUNE

08.11.2024                                      TORONTO, ON                 QUEEN ELIZABETH THEATRE

09.11.2024                                      NEW YORK                        PALLADIUM

10.11.2024                                      FAIRFIELD, CT                   SACRED HEART COMMUNITY THEATER

11.11.2024                                      PHILADELPHIA, PA          KESWICK

13.11.2024                                      BOSTON, MA                    WILBUR

14.11.2024                                      CHICAGO, IL                     THE VIC

15.11.2024                                      ATLANTA, GA                   VARIETY PLAYHOUSE

16.11.2024                                      FORT LAUDERDALE, FL   PARKER PLAYHOUSE

17.11.2024                                      WASHINGTON, DC          LINCOLN THEATER

24.11.2024                                      BERLIN                              COLOSSEUM

25.11.2024                                      MUNICH                           BLACKBOX

26.11.2024                                      AMSTERDAM                   BOOM CHICAGO

27.11.2024                                      HAMBURG                        KENT CLUB

29.11.2024                                      HELSINKI                           KULT


01.12.2024                                      OSLO                                 COSMOPOLITE SCENE

02.12.2024                                      STOCKHOLM                    SÖDRA TEATERN

04.12.2024                                      COPENHAGEN                  BREMEN TEATER

MARCH 2025

12.03.2025                                      PERTH                               ASTOR THEATRE

15.03.2025                                      MELBOURNE                    ATHENAEUM THEATRE

18.03.2025                                      BRISBANE                         TIVOLI THEATRE

21.03.2025                                      SYDNEY                              ENMORE

23.03.2025                                      AUCKLAND                       SKYCITY THEATRE