Maudits // Angle Mort // EP Review


The French band that were formed by Live members of Throane, Ovtrenoir and ex members of eh The Last Embrace, Maudits are an instrumental collective who are inspired by Doom, Post Rock, Progressive and ambient music. Taking motivation from a cathartic need of liberation and creating mental images to balance the dark and light.

Making the most of the extra time available due to the worldwide pandemic, Maudits hit the studio and recorded two new tracks, along with reworking three tracks. By reworking what the band have actually done is break it down completely and restructure it before rerecording. This has allowed the band to release this 5 track EP only a few months after their debut album.

The thing that really strikes you as soon as the EP starts is the depth of sound and emotion that grips you immediately and when the tracks are predominantly instrumental, you need to have some superb composition and that is exactly what Maudits have.

The combination of instruments with atmospherics is stunning as there is simply nothing that is off limits which allows for fully immersive and mesmerising experience. The tracks range between 2:59 and 11:23 as the mood of the tracks flow wherever they feel is right. The way that the songs have been constructed and composed really takes you on the journey and you can feel everything. It’s probably fair to say that this may even trigger emotions that you didn’t know where lurking.

The amount of detail and depth that are involved in the tracks is magnificent and really needs to be listened to in a dark room to begin to appreciate just how much is involved in this EP.

Whether it be the new tracks or the new visions for the older ones the surgical precision that has been required to create such an intricate and beautiful section of art is masterpiece worthy.

Any fans of Doom or Post Rock really need to add this to their collection and for anyone who fancies something a little different and are prepared to have their minds opened, you really need to give this a go. There are few releases that can communicate so clearly without words and Maudits have shown just how perfectly it can be done.

Ed Ford

Angle Mort will be released 5th November 2021 via Klonosphere Records




Track List

  1. Angle Mort
  2. Verdoemd
  3. Perdu d’avance
  4. Résilience 201
  5. Espäselvä