A brooding cocktail of chugging guitar, warbling synths, and honest, revealing lyrics, Of All The Endings is sonically bleak but trickles of hope and optimism seep through the cracks. Post-Trash

“A Part/Apart” feels like an iron cage filled with butterflies – weightless melodies drifting on a trapped breeze, the cage isn’t locked but its weight is enough to keep the delicate beauty to itself. – Cvlt Nation

Today, the promising heavy songwriter, Matthew Mast has released his latest full-length album titled Of All The Endings through the burgeoning label V.A.S.P. Legacy. Across ten colossal tracks, Mast wrestles with internal anxieties, self-doubt, and his attempts with balancing the beauty and drabness of life. Written and recorded over the course of two years, Mast delivers a towering and emotional collection of tracks that serve as a powerful reminder of the murkiness lying just beneath the surface of everyday life. Stream the Of All The Endings and order a limited edition cassette of the album here.
More info about Matthew Mast: 
This world is a heavy place where even the beauty can feel arduous. For Matthew Mast, the anxious brain confuses beauty for heaviness the sun isn’t setting, the sky is burning. On his new album, Of All The Endings, he explores these indistinguishable opposites through his brand of bleak and introspective songwriting. Internalizing his anxieties and strengthening his musical language, Mast delivers a towering and emotional collection that serves as a powerful reminder of the murkiness lying just beneath the surface of everyday life. Layers of weighty guitars, sprawling synthesizers, focused piano, and surges of strings paint canvases of despair and perseverance, as waves of reverb and delay wash over a trembling voice searching for a sense of peace. In this rare calmness, Matthew Mast can’t help but to see the light in the dark; the dark in the light.”A Part/Apart” lives in the light, yet examines the ever-looming disquiet and its corrosive effects on Mast and his relationships. “Stay Awake” dwells in darkness with a sustained drum loop bedded beneath frail guitars, existing in a world where despair is normal but finite. “Born Again” peels away the layers of self-doubt and gloom with monolithic rhythms in an effort to be remembered as something more.Matthew Mast writes about burdened love and the paralyzing aches of anxiety. Instead of withdrawing, onOf All The Endings, he finds comfort in presenting these strikingly familiar struggles. Enduring trials of self, Mast arrives with an expansive set of songs that filter his depths of hurt into catharsis and release. Darkness begets light.

ORDER: Of All The Endings

1. Lost
2. Born Again
3. In Waves
4. Bleed For You
5. Stay Awake
6. My Only Crow
7. A Part/Apart
8. Erased
9. This Isn’t Me
10. Clean


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