Matt Rosa teams up with The Early November’s Ace Enders on debut single “Times Have Changed”

Alternative artist, Matt Rosa, recently unveiled his debut single “Times Have Changed.” The track, which was produced by Ace Enders and Bruce Weigner, reflects on themes such as redemption, growth and changing one’s life for the better.
“’Times Have Changed’ is a full circle journey full of nostalgia in the most bittersweet facet,” shares Rosa. “From drowning in substances and anxiety to finding clarity and calmness; from constantly fading to wanting to slow down time.”
Matt Rosa turned to music as a kid to escape a dark and turbulent childhood. He found his escape by playing shows as a teenager, screaming into mics about the things that kept him up at night.
Despite this passion for music, Rosa found entrepreneurship in 2013 and knew he had to “give up to go up.” For the next 8 years, he gave it his all and climbed the entrepreneurship ladder, eventually making a name for himself as a businessman, mentor and influencer. But every day, he woke up with a void that could only be filled by music.
Today, Rosa makes his musical comeback with the debut single “Times Have Changed.” With this single and his upcoming material, Rosa aims to share his real, uncut story about love, lust, relationships, success, and the peaks and valleys that come along with it.
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