Masters Call - Morbid Black Trinity - EP Review
Masters Call - Morbid Black Trinity - EP Review9
Masters Call - Morbid Black Trinity - EP Review9
Masters Call - Morbid Black Trinity - EP Review9
Masters Call - Morbid Black Trinity - EP Review9
Masters Call - Morbid Black Trinity - EP Review9
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Direct from the heart of the Black Country, Wolverhampton 5 piece Masters Call bring their debut three track EP to the world in its full Black Metal glory. The band began with demo track ‘The Spire Cranes’ in 2016 and since then the band have taken their time, plotting and forming the remaining of the EP to create three utter beasts of tracks to smash you in the face.

EP opener ‘From Once Beneath The Cursed’ begins with an eerie atmospheric effect before the sharp guitars kick in and the drums are pummelled prior to the growling vocal kicking in, completing this Black Metal sound. The tracks includes delightfully despicable riffs and meaty hooks, along with the crashing sounds from the drum kit, you are under no illusion that this band are here to be heard. This track is a perfect opener to any release.

‘The Spire Cranes’ is the next track, which again starts with some atmospheric sounds prior to the intense and crushing Black Metal continues. A quick pace and souring guitars dominate this track, before the chorus that the lyrics are soon joined in with. This second track solidifies the impressive impressions being formed, with the gravelly vocal, the guitar work and superb drumming this is top drawer material.

Closing the EP is ‘My Eyes Are The Night’ which we expect to be a huge track and by no means lets down the release. The winning combination again hits the ear drums with utter contempt and rightly so, as this sound is a certain hit.

There is nothing that can be said against this EP. It has everything a Black Metal fan would want, other than maybe selfishly, a lot more tracks. The sound created on this EP easily matches anything released last year by some of the ‘big Black Metal bands’ and there is no reason, on this form why they can’t match the success some of these band have had.

This is very strong start to 2019 and has set the bar extremely high for any Black Metal release this year.

Ed Ford

Morbid Black Trinity is released 25th January 2019.

Track List

  1. From Once Beneath The Cursed 
    2. The Spire Cranes 
    3. My Eyes Are The Night


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