Masked Intruder - III - Album Review
Masked Intruder - III - Album Review 8
Masked Intruder - III - Album Review 8
Masked Intruder - III - Album Review 8
Masked Intruder - III - Album Review 8
Masked Intruder - III - Album Review 8
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Masked Intruder ​III ​is, that’s right, the bands third album that has recently been released on Noise Records as their first album with them. Having a very interesting look, the band has created an image for themselves, where fans don’t know who the band are as they wear coloured ski masks and refer to themselves by the colour. That being said they have however created a style of music that is also very individual and this album is a perfect example of the that, with their popier side of Pop-Punk.

From start to finish the album has such a high energy, that is guaranteed to bring a smile to your face and lift your spirits. There is everything from driving rhythms to catchy choruses that embody everything of their chosen style of music. You can also pick up some influences from bands such as ​Green Day. ​“Dream a Little Dream” has a very hard rock feel to it’s opening that brings back thoughts of bands such as ​Skid Row ​however then takes a softer feel with the vocals but the driving hard rhythm continues behind. It’s definitely a perfect example of how this band, has created somewhat of their own individual style. But for a real feel good sounding track “Not Fair” has that fun sound, while the vocals take on the theme of unrequited love while also being personal as they bring in the fact that they wear ski masks! If it’s guitar riffs you are after though “Please Come Back To Me” has a great bit of solo work and also some Barber shop style vocals once again showing off the bands individual style.

The band have brought fans an album where it’s difficult to find a track that isn’t likeable. It’s one of those that will easily find itself on repeat with its feel good sound and sense of fun. ​III is definitely an album that showcases who this band is and will no doubt keep propelling them forward.




No Case
Mine All Mine
All of My Love
Just So You Know
I’m Free (At Last)
Please Come Back To Me B&E

Maybe Even
Not Fair
Stay With Me Tonight Dream a Little Dream
I’ll Be Back Again Someday

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