Mask of Prospero release the new single “Amal”

Mask of Prospero release the new single “Amal”

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Mask of Prospero release their second single “Amal” featuring Sofia Sarri.

The Greek progressive metalcore band Mask of Prospero was built based on love for the human and the earthly element of life, for the feelings that spring from music, but also for the music that springs from this feeling. The character of a band, after all, is not formed only by the externalization of ideas, but mostly through an internal struggle to construct a unique identity.

“Lament” is a dialogue of the soul, penetrating deep emotions above and beyond what man has been able to hear. It is a form of awareness, emanating from realistic experiences teeming with cynicism and melancholy, based on an axiom: that every person who happens to be a part of your daily routine, even for a while, lives a life as vivid and complex as yours· people who have been in our lives for a while and have treated us badly or made us realize things, and then disappear, leaving behind ashes of experiences, but also traces that may never be erased.

The song is taken from Mask of Prospero’s up-coming album that will be released in Jaunary 2023

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