Marty Friedman // Tokyo Jukebox 3 // Album Review


So Marty Friedman’s long time love affair with all things Japanese and Japanese culture continues and likewise Japan’s love as ever is reciprocated. We find them once again holding hands “tres much in love” on Marty’s latest offering Tokyo Jukebox 3. 

Marty as we all know is a stunning guitarist who burst onto the scene way back in the ’80s with now long time friend and fellow shredder Jason Becker in Cacophony. This would set the bar for an astounding career in the industry and ensure Friedman was an artist you simply could not ignore. A stint in one of metals finest Thrash bands Megadeath brought him to the fore for many more metal-heads who would follow his career across the decades to come. 

Having fully immersed himself in Japanese culture over the years and now residing in Tokyo it is no surprise that he is passionate about both Japanese culture and its musical heritage, Tokyo Jukebox is a tribute to just that. “But not as we know it Jim” of course Friedman’s Musical voice is via his Jackson guitar and it resonates across this album in some absolutely stunning solo work. Beauty is of course in the eye of the beholder, and as with any musical journey, some may fully appreciate what Friedman has put together here and equally some may fear it a bit like Marmite. But for anyone who has tackled an instrument one thing that cannot be denied is the mercurial musicianship on display. Instrumental guitarists always have that challenge on their hands, trying to convey their story via six strings whilst keeping the internet hordes at bay through their own unique signature sound, Friedman has done just that whilst maintaining the integrity of what brought him here in the first place. The songs are in your face, quirky at times and an endless shred-fest! Everything you want from a Marty Friedman album. 

Marty has excelled himself on this one, Tokyo Jukebox 3 is a stellar piece of guitar-wizardry that you have to experience for yourself. If like me you were looking at this one wondering “What the actual f**k is going on here?” Dive in and thank me later. 


Tokyo Jukebox 3 is out now via The Players Club/Mascot Label Group.





1. Makenaide
2. Senbonzakura
3. Gurenge
4. Kaze Ga Fuiteiru
5. Echo
6. The Perfect World (ft. Alfakyun)
7. U.S.A.
8. Shukumei
9. Ikuze Kaitou-Shoujo
10. Sazanka
11. Time Goes By
12. Japan Heritage Official Theme Song

Marty Friedman // Tokyo Jukebox 3 // Album Review
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