Mark Morton // Ether // EP Review

Swiftly following up the incredible debut solo album Anesthetic, Mark Morton now bring us an additional 5 tracks by way of an EP that is made up by a combination of three original tracks and two covers with all tracks having a special guest appearance. The new tracks were inspired whilst on the acoustic tour cycle for Anesthetic and reflect a more chilled and stripped back approach.

This solo venture has provided an alternate outlet for the Lamb of God guitarist and allowed him to express differing sounds than would be appropriate for the Metal heavyweights and this individual route has proved very successful, with Anasthetic spending 6 weeks in the Top 10 Active Rock US radio chart and stacked up over 14 million plays on Spotify and YouTube.

Ether kicks off with ‘All I Had To Lose’, one of the new tracks and features Mark Morales from Sons of Texas and the incredibly soft touch of the acoustic guitar caresses you and the soft yet rough-edged vocal provides a sound of emotion that washes over you. It is rare that an acoustic track packs this much punch et it starts the EP off in an emotive fashion.

‘The Fight’ follows up and begins to include some additional instruments, along with John Carbone from Moon Tooth. Whilst this track does have a more overall upbeat feeling, the stripped-back sound allows for the feeling to be felt to your core.

The first cover of the EP is up next and it nothing other than ‘She Talks To Angels’ of Black Crowes fame. Not only that however Lzzy Hale provides the guest vocal on this huge track. The combination of powerfully passionate yet almost vulnerable sounding vocal provided on this cover is something wonderous to experience as the master guitarist provides the incredible fretwork that this track demands.

The penultimate track, ‘Love My Enemy’ has a guest appearance from Light The Torch vocalist Howard Jones. The unique sounding vocal allows the force of both the lyrics and the guitar to complement each other in what is an anthem of a track, the power of which is incredible when Morton provides the perfect platform for Jones to unleash his powerful vocals.

Pearl Jam cover ‘Black’ wraps up this wonderful EP and again features Mark Morales. There aren’t many people in this world that will no know this track and will be singing along with it as Morton and Morales put their own slant on this legendary track whilst showing it the respect that it deserves. ‘Black’ is the perfect end to this small yet fantastic package.

Ether is a beautifully created selection of tracks that allow Morton to display his talents, whilst allowing the guests to show their full offerings, whereas on some albums it feels like the guests and main artist are in a power tussle, this certainly does not happen here. The tracks complement all people on them perfectly and the result is very special.

Ed Ford


Ether is released January 17th January 2020 via Rise Records.


Track List

  1. All I Had To Lose feat. Mark Morales
  2. The Fight feat. John Carbone
  3. She Talks To Angels feat. Lzzy Hale (Black Crowes cover)
  4. Love My Enemy feat. Howard Jones
  5. Black feat. Mark Morales (Pearl Jam cover)



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