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“Echoing through the time-space continuum with her haunting voice, Raw lives up to her name as she documents the human experience through her unique lens.”
– Post-Punk

“Flickering like a gramophone, every song is a scene set in time. Shifting through lapses of a ragtime and more modern days, Raw remains bare, delivering stories in her own dark folk and country twang…”
– American Songwriter

“Raw’s songwriting only cuts deeper thanks to the meticulously crafted atmosphere.”
 Under The Radar

“Having already made a name for herself in the Mexican rock scene through her work with Love La Femme, Raw steps out on her own with these songs that perfectly illustrate her sound and sensibilities.”
— Remezcla

“Marion Raw sets the stage for her upcoming debut solo album with moody melodies both covers and originals in her signature scratchy and melodic vocals that play the heartstrings.”
– BTRtoday

Today, Mexico City/LA-based singer-songwriter Marion Raw shares a haunting new single “Hideaway,” premiered by RollingStone Mexico. Drawing on many of the same sonic elements from her debut album, Raw combines guitar rhythms with echoey drums and spooky harmonies under a tape-saturated haze for a stunning followup, all recorded on a Tascam 8 Track. Her debut solo album, Deep Cuts, was released in April.

Hideaway is the achy loneliness that decorates an old bar. The neon lights. The broken hearts.

Secrets leave a void, and whether detectable or not, the narrative that forms around the absence of truth is rarely kind.

Hideaway lives here.

Song produced with AJ Davila

Spending much of her childhood in airports and hotels, all the accents and stories a young Raw overheard were embedded in her mind, ultimately shaping the moving pictures around each song on Deep Cuts: “I was always fascinated by adults talking about their lives, and I feel that has strongly colored a lot of my writing,” shares Raw, also the singer/songwriter in Mexican rock band Love La Femme “The melodic accents I was exposed to frequently visit me when I write—from the southern Texan twang to London’s melodic swagger—it’s all very present within my histrionic Mexican roots.”

Raw and bare boned, Deep Cuts is comprised of home recordings and capsuled broadcasts. Each track is sewn together to create a ghostly snapshot of a long lost cassette, unearthed far from home, broadcasting into an unknown, perhaps (not so) distant future. “There was no planning, polishing, or budget for that matter,” says Raw of the DIY production of Deep Cuts, “just some left over blank tapes, an old four-track Tascam, and the imminent sense of doom that accompanied the first lockdown of 2020.”

Deep Cuts travels on a ghost highway somewhere between the Mexican – U.S. border, traversing a haunting terrain laden with unpolished collections of covers and original recordings — tattered Americana musical postcards — all completed on an old dusty four-track. Deep Cuts is due out in April 2021. The album unearths Raw’s solo career, and will be followed by an already recorded and produced Sophomore release and accompanying visuals.

Marion Raw – “Hideaway” [Official Single Artwork]
Marion Raw Bio
Marion Raw is a singer songwriter, a third culture kid, raised in airports & hotels.

Making music her home early on Marion emigrated from Mexico when she was 2. Subject to the whims of her ex beauty queen mother, they moved around 22 times by the time Marion was 12, leading to endless daydreaming, cocooned between headphones and suitcases, in search of belonging.

Raw has a multidisciplinary background as a singer songwriter and visual artist. Drawing on her multi-faceted biography, her work centers around identity, family and of course, love in all the wrong places.

Raw has been the recipient of a scholarship and FONCA award for her project entitled Mummy Dearest (2009), a mixed media piece that explored mental health and gender. Shifting her focus from the visual arts to the musical, she then went on to dive deep into music forming a band in Mexico City called Love la Femme. Marion Raw will debut as a solo artist with her upcoming release, Deep Cuts, out in April 2021.

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