Marc Urselli Announces Video Series For Charity!

Renowned Grammy winning producer Marc Urselli (U2, Foo Fighters, Nick Cave, John Zorn, Mike Patton) has started a series of long form videos where he will be talking about how to set up a home recording studio to stay creative during quarantine.

The episodes will cover computers to use, DAW’s, storage, speakers, headphones, IEM’s, speaker management, audio interfaces, microphones, keyboards and more.

The first episode can be seen here:

Every episode is meant to drive donation to a different charity that is helping during the COVI19 outbreak. Donations are encourage and entirely up to the fan!

The charities Marc will be supporting are:

Direct Relief –
International Rescue Committee –
Doctors Without Borders-
Save the Children –
Howard Brown Health –
Project Cure –
Preemptive Love –

He says: “I’ve decided to do this because it is important to show support for our community of musicians but most importantly for the true heroes of this pandemic, the people that are on the frontline of hospitals all over the world. Words are nice but they don’t go as far as actual monetary donations, those make the real difference, which is why I’ve decided to choose charities that are doing something during this crisis. I’ve selected the charities based on their score on – I wanted to select charities with a 90% or higher quality rating to make sure that the money actually reaches the right places! We all have to chip in to make a difference and create actual change and by doing this I hope to contribute in my own way by helping both the musicians and the charities. I will myself donate to all the charities I selected so 7 charities will get money from this endeavor.”

See the episodes as they come out on his Instagram!

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