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MANTAR: Pain Is Forever And This Is The End Full-Length Out TODAY On Metal Blade Records

“Grim Reaping” Video Now Playing

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Pain Is Forever And This Is The End, the anticipated new full-length from German metal duo MANTAR, is out TODAY on Metal Blade Records.
Earning critical accolades both stateside and abroad, Decibel Magazine hails a, “burning Molotov cocktail of black metal, sludgy hardcore, and classic metal hooks,” adding, “their latest studio album may be their best yet.” Rock Hard writes, “Pain Is Forever… skillfully keeps the balance between brute destructive fury and dense atmosphere in widescreen format with real underground hit potential,” while Metal Injection champions the band’s, “thicker grooves, anthemic refrains, head nodding rhythms and a greater exploitation of the fist-in-the-air-ology school of songwriting.”
In celebration of the release of Pain Is Forever And This Is The End, today MANTAR unleashes a new video for “Grim Reaping.” Offers guitarist/vocalist Hanno Klänhardt of the track, “‘Grim Reaping’ is about the simple insight that you cannot win life. No matter what you do, what you try… death remains the great unifier. And in death we will be genuine and pure.”
Watch MANTAR’s video for “Grim Reaping” HERE: MANTAR’s previously released video for “Odysseus” at:

View the band’s previously released “Hang ‘Em Low (So The Rats Can Get ‘Em)” video at:

Pain Is Forever And This Is The End is available on CD, LP, and digital formats. See all options below.

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Pain Is Forever And This Is The End will be available on CD, LP, and digital formats. See all options below.

• Box Set (ltd. 1000 w/ Gatefold LP, bonus LP, back patch, slipmat, 12” booklet, and poster)
• Digipak
• 180g Black vinyl
• Violet Marbled vinyl
• Light Blue Marbled vinyl (ltd. 500)
• White vinyl (ltd. 500)
• Orange Beige Marbled vinyl (ltd. 200 – Season of Mist excl.)
• Leaf Green Marbled vinyl (ltd. 300 – EMP excl.)
• Twilight Blue Marbled vinyl (ltd. 300 – Nuclear Blast excl.)
• Clear Ochre Brown Marbled vinyl (ltd. 300 – Metal Blade Eu excl.)
• Maroon Red Marbled vinyl (US excl.)

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Pain Is Forever And This Is The End Track Listing:
1. Egoisto
2. Hang ‘Em Low (So the Rats Can Get ‘Em)
3. Grim Reaping
4. Orbital Pus
5. Piss Ritual
6. Of Frost and Decay
7. Walking Corpse
8. New Age Pagan
9. Horder
10. Odysseus

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Founded in 2012, MANTAR stands among the leading forces in extreme metal within the last ten years. Loved by fans and press alike, the band took the world by storm with their truly unique sound, leading them to the Top 10 in the official German album charts with their 2018’s The Modern Art Of Setting Ablaze and sold out shows throughout Europe.

Pain Is Forever And This Is The End serves as MANTAR’s most realized output yet. With Hanno prolifically writing riffs at his home in Gainesville, Florida – and throwing away whole albums worth of material – and Erinc working in Germany, the record’s creation proved to be a painstaking effort. “Nothing came together easily for this album and I hated most of the process,” Hanno states plainly. “Even though Covid had not much of an impact on us, the general fucked up mood in the world and the industry had an impact on the record. Everything was very tedious, up to a point where I literally questioned everything and we were damn close to quitting the band. With every song I came up with, there was a period at some point where I thought it sucked. Then I had moments where I thought it’s the best we have ever done. It was bipolar in a way. It was rough and it took a serious toll on me and Erinc that I’m still recovering from.”

After recording their instruments on different continents, Hanno and Erinc entered the studio together in Germany to record vocals and backing vocals, respectively, and decided to take a different, more daring route in terms of production: “With the previous albums, I was so focused on making the band sound exactly as we would sound live. That is cool and still important but this time I wanted to make an album that is overall entertaining and not just a forty-five-minute ‘live set.’ We’ve proved countless times that we have no problems at all convincing in a live setting, so I had to gather some courage to ‘produce’ a little more, mostly in order to entertain myself as the songwriter and producer. Still, there were times where I literally wanted to destroy all my music and myself while making this record and I destroyed a lot of equipment. Maybe it was all worth something,” Hanno concludes. “We are still here, and that really does mean something after that ride.”

Fans can catch the band this year on the following dates (more to follow soon):

presented by Deaf Forever & Visions:

14.07.2022 GER Bremen, Tower (sold out)
16.07.2022 GER Dortmund, Tombstone Open Air
06.08.2022 GER Leipzig, Re-Generation Fest

09.09.2022 GER Hannover, Bei Chez Heinz
10.09.2022 GER Bremen, Hellseatic
15.09.2022 GER Dresden, Chemiefabrik
16.09.2022 GER Köln, Essigfabrik

22.09.2022 GER Münster, Sputnik
23.09.2022 GER Munich, Backstage Werk
24.09.2022 GER Hamburg, Fabrik
29.09.2022 GER Wiesbaden, Schlachthof
30.09.2022 GER Stuttgart, Im Wizemann
01.10.2022 GER Nürnberg, Z-Bau
07.10.2022 GER Rostock, Zwischenbau
08.10.2022 GER Berlin, C-Theater
21.12.2022 GER Essen, Turock
22.12.2022 GER Leipzig, Conne Island

Mantar line-up:
Hanno Klänhardt – Guitars & Vocals
Erinc Sakarya – Drums

Mantar online:

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