(DES MOINES, IA – February 6th, 2020) Iowa alternative rockers History on Repeat have debuted a new music video for “Our Season”(Stream it via YouTube).

Indie-punk label Manic Kat Records have partnered with acclaimed producer John Naclerio. Naclerio produced a number of iconic albums from the last 20 years including Brand New’s ‘Your Favorite Weapon’ and My Chemical Romance’s ‘I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love’.

In addition to Naclerio joining the Manic Kat Records team, MKR will be re-releasing a selection of albums from Naclerio’s former label, Broken English Records.

History on Repeat‘s ‘So Long, Future Boy’ was initially released in 2010 & sees the light of day once more, courtesy of Manic Kat Records; the Iowa alternative rockers split shortly after the release, in 2011.

History On Repeat Press Shot2

Formed in 2006, in Des Moines, IA, History on Repeat displayed a knack for pounding out anthems full of driving guitars, aggressive percussion, and catchy choruses. The band’s debut EP, ‘So Long, Future Boy’ caught the attention of John Naclerio who inked them a deal with his Broken English Records.

History on Repeat’s only release has aged remarkably well, nods to the Drive Thru Records era on show with emotive & catchy pop-laden hooks, with the urgency and accessibility of more contemporary indie-punk renaissance also evident.

With Naclerio joining Manic Kat Records, ‘So Long, Future Boy’earns a much deserved re-release on September 20th, 2019.

Stream the EP in full, via Spotifyand watch the new video for “Our Season” via YouTube


History on Repeat is:
Clayton Owen – Vocals, Guitar
Josh Adams – Guitar, Vocals
Murphy Stull – Bass, Vocals
Joseph Farrell – Drums

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