(NEW YORK, NY – December 13th, 2019) New York indie-punk label Manic Kat Records is celebrating its 5th Anniversary. In addition to the label’s Anniversary Festival in Nyack, NY, on December 13th & 14th, they have compiled a mouth-watering 22-track compilation featuring the likes of Right on, Kid, Rival Town, The Anchor and Noise Brigade.

The compilation is streaming in full, HERE.

Track listing:
1. Noise Brigade – Splitting Poles
2. Right On, Kid – Word Weight
3. For the Record – Trudy
4. Forgotten Sons – All By Myself
5. Pyrite Sidewalk – Pictures Painted
6. NoraStone – Dad’s In Heat (Gotta Skeet Skeet)
7. When Thieves Are About – We Sell Thomas
8. The Anchor – Revive
9. Dance Ironically – Rival Town
10. Wired for Havoc – Dis-order
11. Hard to Hit – Asking For A Friend
12. Cult Classic – Fear And Loathing
13. Small Pond Big Fish – Hold On
14. History On Repeat – Our Season
15. Reflective Insight – Until Now
16. Noise Brigade – I’m Not Just Sure It Will, I Know It Might
17. Rival Town – Shot Down
18. I Am the Pilot – Gone Too Far
19. Right On, Kid! – Loci
20. Wired for Havoc – Cut Me Out (feat. Devin Barrus)
21. The Anchor – NOLA
22. Serious Matters – Patterns

noise brigade promo 2019

The NY/NJ based label has grown an internationally based roster of artists over the last 5 years, working with a slew of the most exciting up-and-coming punk, indie and alternative artists. In their 5th & most successful year to date, Manic Kat Records has celebrated multiple Billboard Charts successes, including new records from The Anchor & Right On, Kid.

ROK Cover 7.19

Manic Kat Records continues to develop a wonderful reputation across North America and beyond, with the label also homing bands such as Noise Brigade, Pyrite Sidewalk and Wired for Havoc on a roster brimming with talent.

Label president Peter James elaborates: “We run our label like a family; that being said, we only work with bands that we absolutely love as people and love as musicians.”

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