Mammuthus – New Zealand Stoner Rock Trio Announce New Album “Imperator”

Mammuthus – New Zealand Stoner Rock Trio Announce New Album “Imperator”
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Three years following the release of their self-titled EP, Wellington, New Zealand, stoner rock trio Mammuthus now return with their debut album, “Imperator”, which will be self-released on July 7th.

Recorded and mixed by James Goldsmith and mastered by Will Borza“Imperator” features Mark Mundell of Planet of the Dead as guest vocalist in “King Of The Dead”. Pre-orders are now available at this location.

Today, the trio teamed up with The Obelisk for an exclusive preview of leading single “Bloodworm”Mammuthus know the styles they’re playing toward, and the genre elements they’re picking from in a given track, whether it’s a lurching groove or sludgy shove or chugga-chugga-chugga, and that awareness serves them well throughout while not holding them back in terms of craft.” Says editor JJ Koczan.

Listen to “Bloodworm” here.

The undergrowth stirred, indeed was forcibly parted as a new leviathan emerged; a colossus rippling with the potential and promise of claiming its own specific place upon a terrain renowned for imposing and voracious fertility.
That acclaimed moment was uncaged by New Zealand hailing MAMMUTHUS with their self-titled EP and now the trio are preparing to rip the landscape asunder with new album, ‘Imperator’; a release set to turn that early stirring into a ravening of Proboscidean power and prowess.

The roar of MAMMUTHUS is a doom/stoner rock bred proposal embracing the inspirations of bands such as Black Sabbath, Sasquatch, Beastwars, and Kyuss but a confrontational involvement of sound stamping its own commanding individuality. The Wellington band’s 2020 released debut EP stamped down that distinction, its quartet of tracks a sinewy introduction which soon proved a praise luring incitement. It was a rippling of creative muscle which has grown into a pharaonic snowball of craft and imagination; evolution and intent uniting within the unforgiving yet alluring seductive beast that is ‘Imperator’.

Though stoner and doom rock seeds the MAMMUTHUS sound, melodic entanglement and grooved trespass equally weave webs of temptation. The new album’s lead single, ‘Holy Goat’ has already proved a rich taste of the caprine wiles which lay waiting within ‘Imperator’. It is a release instinctively and organically nurtured to take attention in its predatory jaws, proceeding to devour such involvement with Herculean dexterity and leviathan grace as ambient intimation wraps siren-esque yet often volcanically imposing instrumental moments; a collection of tracks hosting virulent manipulations and relentlessly formidable trespasses.

Overall an eclectic body of enterprise and invention, ‘Imperator’ finds MAMMUTHUS breaching a whole new realm in their and heavy rock’s tempestuous plateaus. From the incisive and invasive swings of Jay Rodeo’s beats, the prowling growling bestiality of Matt Bradford’s bass to the distorted yet melodically searing weaving of Josh Micallef’s guitar, it all rapaciously courted by the latter’s inner and vocal snarling, the album is a hulking shadow of sound and intimidation upon the senses but, as proven by the likes of tracks such as ‘Formless’ featuring EJ from End Boss, equally a source of keen surprise and untethered imagination.
For growth and evolution any fertile land needs some sense of destruction to further blossom and Mammuthus are set to trample all over the stoner and doom rock landscape with ‘Imperator’ whilst sowing the seeds of dense pleasure.

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