MALOTA share brand new track! New EP out on Nov12th via Go Down Records!

November 12th will see the release of “The Uninvited Guest“, the brand new EP from Italian punk rockers MALOTA!  “The Uninvited Guest” represents the band’s rebellious attitude, dealing with personal stories of suffering, death, illness and isolation, while the mood of the songs is never imbued with sadness and nihilism, instead with anger to react to the ugliness that surrounds us. All the pain, disgust and disillusionment of the last two years can be heard in these five new tracks and with “Lampedusa” the band now released a first single.

Listen to Lampedusa here:

We chose the single ‘Lampedusa’ from ‘The Uninvited Guest’ EP because it is the first track of a new chapter of the band. It also talks about a theme that we really care about: the Human Beings. On one side who die in hope of giving a better life to their family by migrating from their homeland and on the other hand the pretty living beings who enjoy seeing cold dead bodies lying on the bottom of the sea.

We would like to dedicate the song to the Human Beings who did not survive the migration, by sea or by land, and to all those who, despite succeeding, are still victims of violence, racism and discrimination.” the band states.

1. Lampedusa
2. Anti-social
3. Ministers of Fear
4. The Queen, the Lady
5. The Uninvited Guest

With cover artwork done by Mario Yomi, the EP was recorded, mixed, and mastered by Tommaso Mantelli at Lesder Studio in Winter 2020, in between two pandemic lockdowns. Pre-order the new “The Uninvited Guest” EP from MALOTA now via multiple digital options at THIS LOCATION


Alberto | Guitars
Max | Bass, vocals
Mariuz | Drums, vocals
Massimo | Guitars, backing vocals

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