Malignant Aura – Australian Death-Doom Dealers Share New Track “In a Timeless Place Beneath the Earth”

Australian death-doom dealers Malignant Aura  have just revealed a new song from their forthcoming debut album “Abysmal Misfortune is Draped Upon Me” which is set for release on May 30th on CD and vinyl via Bitter Loss Records

Titled “In a Timeless Place Beneath the Earth” this new track is now playing at Invisible Oranges, who commented “Subtle hints of the earlier melodic lament shine through like rays of light into a tomb, and the song’s conclusion takes the earlier choleric motifs and intersperses them with dour harmony and some acrobatic death metal outbursts. In many cases, bands playing ‘fusion’ genres tend to be better at one side of things, but Malignant Aura are masters (and fervent disciples) of doom and death metal alike.”

Listen to “In a Timeless Place Beneath the Earth” here.

if you missed the opening song “Malignant Aura” is still playing at this location.  

Displaying the artwork of renowned artist Paolo Girardi“Abysmal Misfortune is Draped Upon Me” was recorded by Brendan Auld at Black Blood Audio and mastered by Arthur Rizkm and the sees the quintet delivering a devastating, bleak and devilish death-doom that is reminiscent of early Paradise Lost and Hooded Menace. Pre-orders are now available here.

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