MALFORMED to Release New EP “The Gathering of Souls” on Extremely Rotten Productions

MALFORMED to Release New EP The Gathering of Souls on Extremely Rotten Productions

Helsinki-based death metal unit MALFORMED has signed a pact with Extremely Rotten Productions for the release of The Gathering of Souls. The EP, which comes less than a year after the self-released demo, Uncontrollable Malformity, bears the markings of a band versed beyond their years in the art of technical death metal.

Look for The Gathering of Souls to be released on vinyl, CD, cassette, and digital formats on October 13.

The Gathering of Souls track listing:

1) Drowning in Emptiness

2) The Gathering of Souls

3) Defiled

4) Enchantments of Nihilism

5) Mind Refinery

MALFORMED is a young, relentless death metal band reigning from Helsinki, Finland. The band incarnated in 2022, as its debut demo Uncontrollable Malformity crawled out of the sewers alongside positive reviews and some underground hype. However, things are only getting started with the release of EP The Gathering of Souls which showcases even more intensity, brutality, and technicality through our recently solidified lineup.

MALFORMED began its journey through the hands of guitarist/vocalist Eetu Hyvönen and bassist Pauli Niemi, who were joined by guitarist Akseli Lindroos and drummer Jani Seppi in late 2022. As the demo was completed before Jani’s addition to the lineup, The Gathering of Souls is the first release to feature the full MALFORMED lineup. These five fierce and hellish tracks were completed during the winter of 2022-2023, and recordings commenced during the spring with Juuso Hämäläinen (Azatoth, Disguised Malignance) handling all production.

The tracks, which were both arranged and recorded at the band’s barren rehearsal place in Espoo, combine the technicality and brutality of bands like early Cryptopsy, Suffocation, Gorguts, and Demilich – without sacrificing the originality and inclusion of our own MALFORMED sound.


Jani Seppi – drums

Akseli Lindroos – guitars

Pauli Niemi – bass

Eetu Hyvönen – vocals/guitars