Malevolence // The Other Side // EP Review
Malevolence // The Other Side // EP Review8
Malevolence // The Other Side // EP Review8
Malevolence // The Other Side // EP Review8
Malevolence // The Other Side // EP Review8
Malevolence // The Other Side // EP Review8
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Sheffield based Hardcore crossover first announced themselves to the world in 2013 with their debut album Reign of Suffering which quickly gained huge attention and pushed them to the forefront of the UK’s scene when it came to heavy music and soon there was a huge core of Malevolence fans.

2017 saw Self Supremacy continue the upward trajectory as the and sold-out shows in Europe, Japan, South East Asia, and the USA and now this three-track EP is here to keep the momentum up and show that have no intention of going away.

As stated, this EP is three tracks long, lasting 13 minutes and has again been done very much independently, continuing to manage themselves, doing their own merch and releasing their music on their own record label MLVLTD, ensuring full control of everything that wants to create and release.

Opening the EP is a track with a very fitting title during this lockdown period as ‘Keep Your Distance’ erupts onto the speakers with it choppy guitars and aggressive vocals, with a very hardcore style sound and then a high pitched vocal before a breakdown that will have spin kicks and  fists flying before the pace picks back up and the aggression continues. This is a lovely aggressive welcome to the EP.

The second track is much different, as ‘The Other Side’ opens with a serene guitar and a much steadier pace, which is matched by a clean singing vocal. The instrumentals are softer to match the feeling of the song and although the music does get slightly heavier toward the end along with the vocal, it is certainly more of a heavy ballad.

Closing the EP is ‘Remain Unbeaten’ which starts a little like ‘The Other Side’ but then explodes into more like ‘Keep Your Distance’ with its stomping style guitars matched with a speedier pace and the aggressive vocal returns to really get the pit moving at the close. This certainly more on the Hardcore path and was bound to include a tasty little breakdown.

The Other Side is an EP that has a lot of character and will please whichever style of Malevolence appeal to you. It has everything you could wish for in a short offering and is a welcome addition to the discography of the band but most importantly, makes you want more.

Ed Ford

The Other Side is released Friday April 24th 2020 via MLVLTD


Track List

  1. Keep Your Distance 
  2. The Other Side
  3. Remain Unbeaten




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