Today sees the fifth album of Malatja
The band is celebrating 25 years of independent history.
“Ruminogioia” was released on CD and vinyl label Rhino Records.
New Live calendar.
Malatja are:
Paul Sessa (vocals and guitars), Daniela De Martino (bass and vocals), Camillo Mascolo (drums and backing vocals).Live Showcase Sunday, February 17
at Kestè Abbash, Naples
Largo S. Giobanni Maggiore Pignatelli, 26
at 22:30
Admission is restricted to members.
Annual + entrance card fee – 5 €
Already enrolled Input – 3 €

Available in physical format on e-store of Rhino records the concert you can buy copies of the album printed in both CD and vinyl format!

The other live dates:
February 23 – Bistrot PlanB, Viggiano (Pz)
01 March – The Moro, Cava de Tirreni (Sa)
March 23 – Peripheral Konnection, Fisciano (Sa)
March 29 – Ark pub, Angri (Sa).

It was 1993 and Seattle Grunge exploded and simultaneously, in the hinterland of Campania between roasted artichokes, nothing seemed to change and instead were born Malatja. Immediately the Angri Seattle-axis becomes the Route66 of three musicians who have made cohesion, consistency and perseverance their artistic career and life that lasts

… and once again the sound is rich, full, raw, aggressive and exudes sex.

“Ruminogioia” is written, played, recorded and produced by:
Paul Sessa, Camillo Mascolo, Daniela De Martino, Attilio Coppola.
Mixed and Mastered by Andrea D’Amato.
Guests: Francesco Di Bella (ex 24 Grana), Denise, Nicodemus.

Click watch-listen “September Hate” video-single that anticipates the release:

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