Major Moment Drop Reimagined Version Of ‘Living Your Life Like This’

“Having previously released 2 other “reimagined” versions of our songs:“The Flood”and “May Leave Scars”in 2020, we wanted to treat our fans with a little surprise as a token of gratitude for their ongoing support. We asked them on social media which song of ours they would like to hear as a reimagined version next, and almost everyone voted for “Living Your Life Like This”. We kind of saw it coming, as this single is one of the fans’ favourites, and is about to hit 500K streams on Spotify alone in the next couple of months. So we went to work.

Our goal with those new renditions is not only to keep them sounding as different from the originals as possible but also try to keep them different enough from one another. We turned a hard-hitting anthem “The Flood” into a ballad, slowing it down and stripping it of almost all instruments and vocal harmonies; introduced ambient guitars and percussion in “May Leave Scars” to keep the energy of the original version. With “Living Your Life Like This” we decided to take it even further and came up with a kind of a hybrid semi-acoustic version: kept some of the cool ambient layers from the original, added live percussion, made strings play what were originally synth lines, shortened the intro, added some embellishments to vocal melodies, and brought back the harmonies.

We kept quiet until the very last minute to announce the release and only dropped the news on the New Year’s Eve, as the song was scheduled to come out at midnight. This is our way of saying thank you to our fans and to let them know we’re listening. The song’s motivational message is about going out of your comfort zone and living your life with a sense of purpose, fighting for your dreams. And what better time to start doing it than on a New Year’s Day?!”

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