Maiden uniteD announce POWERSLAVE Tour Dates

Dutch super group Maiden uniteD have announced their biggest volume tour ever called Powerslave. In January 2020 the band started with this tour in Germany and The Netherlands. From October 29th to December 20th of this year Maiden uniteD will cross the borders of over 12 countries in 8 weeks for over 30 shows. The band will play all songs from the legendary Powerslave album (1984) in special acoustic rearrangements…and of course, some more tracks of the previous Maiden uniteD albums will be played live including the masterpiece Empire of the Clouds. After 5 albums and lots of shows, the Powerslave Tour is the band’s next chapter.
Maiden uniteD: Daan Janzing, Dirk Bruinenberg, Jeroen Voogd, Joey Bruers, Polle van Genechten
‘…far more than a tribute band.’
– Classic Rock Magazine-

Maiden uniteD plays Classic Iron Maiden songs in new acoustic arrangements.
The Number of the Beast from their latest album The Barrel House Tapes
The support act will be the Dutch POWERIZED from 3rd Nov to 20th Dec.

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