Magic Kingdom // MetAlmighty // Album Review
Magic Kingdom // MetAlmighty // Album Review 7
Magic Kingdom // MetAlmighty // Album Review 7
Magic Kingdom // MetAlmighty // Album Review 7
Magic Kingdom // MetAlmighty // Album Review 7
Magic Kingdom // MetAlmighty // Album Review 7
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Belgian guitarist Dushan Petrossi is the mastermind behind symphonic speed metal band Magic Kingdom, who having formed in 1998 have previously released 4 albums to rave reviews and earned the band a following throughout Europe, Asia and South America.  Petrossi has split his time over the years between Magic Kingdom and his other project, Iron mask which is a more classical hard rock and neo-classical metal sound as opposed to the harder, faster approach of the four-piece Magic Kingdom. Their latest release, ‘MetAlmighty’, aims to build on the established fanbase and with the introduction of Michael Vescara’s expressive and passionate vocals look on course to do so.

‘Unleash The Dragon’ gets us underway with a gentle choral lead-in before we are hit with a barrage of pounding drums and guitar riffs that never relent throughout the near 9 minute epic, despite several tempo changes. With barely time to catch your breath, we are onto ‘Wizards And Witches’ which continues at the same frenetic pace, as Petrossi pulls high-speed riffs from his guitar whilst Michael Vescera’s vocals are as clear as a bell, which is no mean feat. The tempo calms down a little for ‘In The Den Of The Mountain Trolls’ which has a seventies vibe reminiscent of Yes in places and has a catchy riff running all the way through the track which stayed in my head for an age after. The band pick it up again with ‘Fear My Fury’ a neoclassical track that blows away any thoughts you had that maybe the album was going to slow down, whilst ‘Rise From The Ashes, Demon’ opens with the sound of a sitar before Petrossi echoes this on the guitar and we are into another speed metal treat. 

‘MetAlmighty’ carries us through the middle of the album and leads us into the more melodic ‘So Fragile’ which is my favourite track of the album, a little (but not much) slower than what has gone before and Vescera’s voice sounds great alongside some lovely guitar work from Petrossi. ‘Temple Of No Gods’, is an epic that picks up the speed once again to assault your ears for the next 6 minutes and forty-five seconds but sensing that we are near exhausted by the battering so far, ‘Just a Good Man’ follows at an almost ballad pace, whilst containing some of the best solo guitar work on the album for my ears. However, the band don’t ease up for long and Petrossi lets rip with an explosive solo to open ‘Dark Night, Dark Thoughts’ with the rest of the band soon joining in to give us that big power metal sound once again, while the searing guitar continues throughout. The album is rounded off with ‘King Without A Crown’.

This is an album that has just about everything in it, melodic rock, symphonic rock, speed metal, heavy metal, elements of folk, choral and chanting, which are layered with both screaming and grinding guitars and that constant scattergun drum beat. For existing fans of the band, this is exactly what you would expect from Magic Kingdom and for lovers of the power metal genre, this is a treat from a band that knows exactly how to turn it on in the recording studio.

MetAlmighty is released on 22 November 2019

Reviewed by : Howard Whitelaw 



  1. Unleash The Dragon
  2. Wizard And Witches
  3. In The Den Of The Mountain Trolls
  4. Fear My Fury
  5. Rise From The Ashes, Demon
  6. MetAlmighty
  7. So Fragile
  8. Temple Of No Gods
  9. Just A Good Man
  10. Dark Night, Dark Thoughts
  11. King Without A Crown

Magic Kingdom line up

Guitars: Dushan Petrossi 

Vocals: Michael Vescera 

Bass: Vassili Moltchanov 

Drums: Michael Brush

Produced by: Dushan Petrossi


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