Maceo Parker // 'Soul Food - Cooking With Maceo' // Album Review
Maceo Parker // 'Soul Food - Cooking With Maceo' // Album Review 10
Maceo Parker // 'Soul Food - Cooking With Maceo' // Album Review 10
Maceo Parker // 'Soul Food - Cooking With Maceo' // Album Review 10
Maceo Parker // 'Soul Food - Cooking With Maceo' // Album Review 10
Maceo Parker // 'Soul Food - Cooking With Maceo' // Album Review 10
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Funk legend Maceo Parker dropped his first new studio album in 8 years. Soul Food – Cooking with Maceo will be released on June 26th and will be the first album on the Mascot Label Group’s new imprint, The Funk Garage.

Maceo having played with some music’s biggest legends, starting with James Brown throughout the 1960s and beyond as well as the titans of the music world such as Keith Richards, Bryan Ferry, Living Color, Dave Matthews Band, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Jane’s Addiction, Fred Wesley, Bernie Worrell, and De La Soul. Really Maceo should need not an introduction, but if you are like me far removed from the world of Funk, Jazz, and Funkadelic his latest offering will give you a taste of what the world of Maceo Parker is all about. The musicianship is mind-blowing, the grooves and melodies tossed out like baseballs at a Yankees’ game you can easily find yourself bobbing your head along in approval in minutes. 

There is a real old-school vibe about Maceo’s approach which is beautifully familiar and engrossing, it sounds so effortless and ethereal but you know that a lifetime of dedication to his craft is brought him to such rich and empowering music. His fluid style allows for the free for all approach that you hear across the albums as the musicians interject and add further flavors and colors to the musical transitions. When the beat drops you know you ain’t in Kansas anymore, but transported into a sublime musical world that you almost feel unworthy or out of place in your surroundings as the Maceo & Co bombard you with their intricate and technically brilliant take on their old-school roots. 

A truly brilliant piece of musicianship, if you are not already familiar with the legend that is Maceo Parker, ‘Soul Food – Cooking With Maceo’ is your way into this exclusive club. A mesmerizing album from start to finish, pull up a seat, and make sure you’re hungry. 

‘Soul Food – Cooking With Maceo’  is out now Via: The Funk Garage / Mascot Label Group.



  • 1.Cross The Track
  • 2.Just Kissed My Baby
  • 3.Yes We Can Can
  • 4.Maceo
  • 5.Hard Times
  • 6.Rock Steady
  • 7.Compared To What
  • 8.Right Place Wrong Time
  • 9.Other Side Of The Pillow
  • 10.Grazing In The Grass

Check out the new track:

MLG on Spotify: Provogue: Where Blues Meets Rock

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