Macabre // Carnival Of Killers // Album Review

The three-piece band made up of Nefarious, Corporate Death and Dennis The Menace are about to return to the scene, some nigh on 10 years after their previous release Grim’s Scary Tales. This also ties in with the 35 anniversary of the bands becoming as they look to continue the special blend of metal combined with tales of murder including Ted Bundy, Richard Speck, John Gacy, and Richard Ramirez along with others who may never have been sung about before.

If you are unsure of what to expect from a band singing about such horrendous acts, you may be expecting something dark and doomy, however, what you soon come to realize is that this is not your usual band and they do not make your usual music.

As the strange structures of the tracks match the twisted and obscure lyrics which are them laced with tongue in cheek humor and fun-loving riffs you soon find yourself bopping along with them in a bizarre fusion of frolics and fun that is strange at first but soon becomes a proper giggle.

The music is thick and heavy in the whole, with Death Metal at the forefront of the queue however there is no shortage of stunning guitar work that is joined by an incredible vocal range that provides everything from soaring highs to brutally abrasive lows and the drums are either leading merry dance or battering your eardrums in outlandish fashion.

Tracks such as ‘Them Dry Bones’ and ‘The Wheels On The Bug’ are going to sound extremely familiar to everyone and whilst you may feel that you can sing along throughout these offerings, these have gone through the Macabre meat grinder so are not what you will expect but are an awful amount of fun.

Carnival Of Killers is certainly not an orthodox Metal album or of any genre for that matter as they allow the twisted tales to meet dark humor and create some strange hybrid that is unlike anything that you are likely to hear this year.

This album has to be there experienced to be believed as the proof really is in the pudding, or in this case, the hearing. Press play, have a giggle, have a wince but most of all, have some fun with Macabre.

Ed Ford


Carnival Of Killers is released Friday 13th November 2020 via Nuclear Blast Records



1. Intro 0:36 

2. Your Window Is Open 3:01 

3. Joe Ball Was His Name 3:32 

4. Stinky 2:15 

5. Abduction 0:27 

6. Tea Cakes 2:45 

7. Them Dry Bones 2:45 

8. Richard Speck Grew Big Breasts 2:36 

9. Slaughter House 2:33 

10. Breaking Point 0:52 

11. The Lake Of Fire 3:55 

12. Warte, Warte 3:00 

13. Now It’s Time To Pay 2:27 

14. The Wheels On The Bug 2:23 

15. Corpse Violator 3:16 

16. The Murder Mack 4:25



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