Lune // Ghost // EP Review

Metalcore is often one of the most overlooked sub-genres within the metal landscape, but I have always been drawn to the incredible blend of crushing heaviness and soothing melody that can be found within it. This is where Lune comes in. The Melbourne 5-Piece are about to drop their latest EP Ghost, and to say I am excited to jump in would be massively underselling the anticipation. 

Starting out the EP is the title track Ghost, with a blend of chugging riffs, a great clean vocal section for the chorus, and a perfect set-up for the rest of the EP in terms of sound. Up next is Misery Dialogue which proceeds to turn the aggression up with more chug filled riffs, bass-filled to the brim with groove and the first neck-snapping breakdown of the release.

Moving on we have Manipulator, which can best be described as Metalcore meets Nu-Metal thanks to the sheer amount of groove to be found within the track, as well as a flat out ridiculously heavy breakdown that makes me want to spin-kick everyone in a 10-meter radius. Following this is Modern Bones, bringing in a much-needed dose of atmosphere and melody to the otherwise still consistent aggression. Closing the EP is Mirror Image, which starts out by building the atmosphere that can be found across the entire final track, which also features my favorite vocal performance of the release.
All in all, Lune has dropped a great EP that fits perfectly within the current climate of Metalcore, bringing in an always appreciated does of atmosphere, the heaviness of Deathcore, and fantastic performances across the board from all involved. My only complaint (and it is a mild one) is that by the time the EP truly gets going, it’s almost over, but wanting more is never a bad thing.

If you’re a fan of Metalcore, this EP is definitely a must-hear this year.


Lune’s Ghost EP arrives June 12th


Review: Daniel Stapleton



  1. LUNE – 01 – Ghost.mp3
  2. LUNE – 02 – Misery Dialogue
  3. LUNE – 03 – Manipulator

  4. LUNE – 04 – Modern Bones
  5. LUNE – 05 – Mirror Image



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